Progress Pictures

I've been overweight since childhood. Aside from when I lost about 13lbs (going from 163 to 150) my freshman year of high school after joining the track team (pre-facebook!!), I've more or less steadily gained weight since puberty. Here's a look at some milestones:

Senior Year of HS ('07). I had recently had mono and lost about 15lbs,
so I was probably around 180ish here.
HS Graduation. 180ish again.
Winter (January!) 2008 - Recruitment Week. Pretty close to my
lowest post-HS weight here. Probably about 175. (I'm in the burgundy sweater)

Spring Break '08 (Freshman year of college). Probably around 175ish here.
After I gave up my Freshman year workout regime, I gained about 15lbs through the next year or so, where I stayed through Sophomore/Junior year:

80's night in Dublin. I weighed around 190-195 for most of my trip,
but gained 5-10 in the last month or two of the trip.
My 21st birthday! Getting beer... before I went home to study for my final
the next day (the sad truth). I was probably about 195ish here.
Senior year... well, I had a chaotic and very stressful summer before senior year. I gained 5-7lbs during that summer. I was in a relationship for the first time in my life, and I stopped paying any attention to working out. Once senior year started, my relationship became long distance, on top of which I also two my two hardest classes of college and was dealing with some serious personal issues. To make a long story short, it was the hardest few months of my life. No matter what I tried, I couldn't mentally get myself to a better place. I began taking medication to try to help my personal issues, and dropped a few pounds after starting. But once my body adjusted, I gained that weight back and then some:

College graduation (May 2011). I believe I was around 205-208 here.
I weighed right between 200-210 for much of the year following my college graduation:
Jan 2012 - My beautiful mother and I on her 50th b-day.
I was probably about 210lbs here.

I was working as a server, which meant my eating/drinking habits were absolutely horrendous. As in, I survived on whatever Mexican munchies I could get at work, booze after work, plus frozen pizzas, burritos, and my personal favorite dinner combo: a 7/11 sandwich and a big bag of Fritos (which I ate at least 2-3 times a week). But, I was also on my feet 8 hours/day, 6 days/week, which kept my weight at bay. Once I got an office job in my career field, I quit the restaurant job. However, I made no adjustment to my terrible eating habits. That's how I gained about 18lbs in 6 months:

The scariest part is, honestly, I didn't even see myself gaining. I thought I looked about as good as I always had. I've never been FILLED with body confidence, but -- in my adult life --  I've never really had low self esteem.

But, as with all weight loss journeys, there was a turning point. Mine was a double whammy. Here's part I:

Early October 2012
October 2012: After my first ever 5K, The Color Run
I was right at my highest weight here, about 228lbs
I saw these pictures and was shocked. I was doing C25K! I wasn't a good runner, but I was running 3x a week or so. However, my eating habits were out of whack. I'd think nothing of having Jimmy Johns for lunch multiple times a week, telling myself that with my running, "it'd all even out." Weird how, even though I kept running, I ran into turning point catalyst #2:

Mid/Late October 2012. Highest weight: 228lbs
I mean, I never thought I was a small person (my coworker to the right is pretty small), but I never felt so gigantic. I just don't even look like myself here, at all. It was beyond the point of "oh, that must just be a bad angle," it was a recurring issue, and I was finally ready to take control and change my life.

So, that leads us to my current journey! The above picture was one of the last taken of me pre-Weight Watchers, which I started November 14, 2012. I began losing weight pretty quickly, and have more or less been losing weight consistently for the past 7 months. Here's my journey in the right direction:

NYE 2013 - I had lost about 12lbs at this point and was feeling
GOOD about my weight loss! I'm about 216 here.

I had JUST hit 30lbs lost, right before I went home to surprise my family
for Easter. I'm about 198 here, back in the 100's!

I was about 35lbs down here (around 193). Looking at my progression since my
first 5K (6 months before) is crazy to me!

Late May 2013 -- 40lbs down and couldn't be happier!
49lbs down in June 2013!

50lbs down (July 2013) and proof that I own real person clothes!
60lbs down in October 2013, and trying on
bridesmaid dresses for my best friend's wedding!


  1. awesome story. I started the WW program April 10th this year. I'm down 25 lbs since then and YTD total 35 lbs. I am so ready to be in ONEderland again. I get so aggrivated with myself sometimes for allowing my health to get so out of hand. You are looking great and congrats on all the hard work. I know it's not easy, but you are doing awesome.

    1. Thanks so much Brandy, and a BIG congrats on 35lbs down this year-- that's amazing!! I completely hear you on the aggravation. I don't know how I let myself get so out of control-- especially because I didn't really even realize it, AND I grew up with relatively health-conscious parents. But anyone who knows me knows I'm stubborn, so I couldn't make a lasting change until I WANTED to make a lasting change. Here's hoping (and knowing) that this is for GOOD! :)

  2. You look amazing lady!!! I totally understand about the "it must just be a bad angle" picture justification- I have most definitely done it myself. All your hard work is definitely paying off though, I am so happy for you!! Love all the pics too :-)


  3. Just read through this! Thank you so much for posting! So glad that I found your blog and I really look forward to reading about your success!

  4. Carolyn, I have know you for many years as a GA Student, and friend to my daughter, you both ran track together. I always thought of you as a Beautiful young lady with a very bright future.. you have arrived.. Congratulations!!! your fabulous both inside and out..