About Me

Hello! I'm Carolyn. Known to some as CB, Carol, CarBaum, Caro, and a slew of more embarrassing nicknames I have the decency not to post here.

I'm a 26 year old marketing professional living in Chicago by way of Cleveland and North Carolina. I moved to Chicago four years ago after lusting for the big-city life throughout high school and college. I have pinch-me moments about a lot of aspects of my life, but the one area that's always been sub-par is my weight. I've been heavier than average basically my entire life. I remember feeling like a fatty when I wore size 6 jeans in middle school. Damn, middle school Carolyn, how wrong you were. 

So here's where I am now: I started Weight Watchers in November 2012 because it turns out I'm pretty sucky at "just eating healthy" on my own. Mostly because I can rationalize almost every poor eating choice I make. Beer and burgers on Tuesday? Of course, it's Trivia night, I have to. Mexican for dinner on Wednesday? I mean I don't have groceries, so I might as well. Drinks after work on Thursday and suddenly I'm hungry? Yeah, I should definitely order an appetizer because it would be irresponsible to keep drinking on an "empty" stomach. You can guess how that story ends. 

Also, shockingly, turns out that eating Jimmy Johns 2-3x a week because it's conveniently located right next door to your office will cause you to gain 20lbs in 4 months (who knew?!?!). 

After roughly 3 years on and off WW (mostly on), I've lost 60lbs-- the largest amount I've ever lost on a diet before. But with that cinderblock of lard gone, I'm just getting started toward my ultimate goal of losing 78 lbs. So this is me taking the blog plunge into becoming Fitnasty for Life... bottoms up!

October 2013 to Summer 2015
~ Carolyn


  1. YOu and I are like twinsies! Same age, same weight loss, same goals and we even live kinda close to each other!

    p.s. Freaking LOVE your blog name :)

  2. Did everyone know about Jimmy JOhns before me? I had my first sandwich a few weeks ago and was great! Per my health rules (semi firm rules) I ate half for dinner and saved the rest for lunch! Glad I stopped by your blog looks great!

    1. Oh man, I will NEVER outgrow my love of JJ. It's such a college favorite but we didn't have it near my campus, so I'm convinced that I've just spent the last two years "catching up." ;)

  3. Hi Carolyn I have just started reading your blog and enjoy it :) I have nominated you for the Sun Shine Award :) you could read about it in detail on my blog