Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Working Out and Weighing In

Weigh-in Wednesday!

Last Week's Weight: 168.6
Current Weight: 168.2
Change: -0.4
Total Loss: -59.8

I'll be honest. I did not have the best week eating-wise last week. Due to getting home from my trip so late Sunday, and having plans Monday/Tuesday, I didn't manage to grocery shop until Wednesday. So, yeah. Struggle on that front. 

However, I did have a great week for working out! Here's what I did last week:
  • Monday - Arms/Core @ SWEAT on State
    • Holy arm burn batman. I am always looking for workouts that challenge my upper body and this one for sure accomplished that. My pecs/shoulders were sore for three days.
  • Tuesday - Brawl @ Barre Code
    • You guys know by now this is my favorite. This routine was tough, resulting in a seriously sweaty early morning burn. Ah, so satisfying.
  • Wednesday - Hike45 and Upper Body @ Trainology
    • Originally I planned to run on Wednesday, but I knew I'd talk myself out of it so I signed up for a class instead (that $15 cancellation fee keeps me accountable!). In all honesty this class was a struggle, but I love the individual attention from the instructors at Trainology. The teacher of this class noticed my form on shoulder work was suffering (I was still sore from Monday!), but mentioned that my rows were really strong and that I should grab two sets of weights next time so I'm working equally hard on all of the exercises. Great feedback!
  • Thursday - Barre at PureBarre
    • PureBarre isn't my favorite, but I wanted something "easier." I always think that barre will be easier than cardio until I'm knee-deep in a two-minute plank series and questioning all of my decisions. C'est la vie.
  • Friday - OFF. I needed it.
  • Saturday - OFF. Meant to run but running never happens after you eat Chipotle for lunch.
  • Sunday - 5 mile run (!!)
    • I mentioned in my September Goals that I wanted to work up to 5 miles this month, and mission accomplished. I was out of the running game for so long, that I had really started to build up running in my mind as this thing I couldn't do anymore. But after a confidence-boosting 3-miler on Labor Day weekend, I knew I had more miles in me. This run was such a good reminder of why I missed running, and now it's time for me to pull the trigger and sign up for the Hot Chocolate 15K.
Also, in looking back at my September Goals post I realized I had planned to try 5 new ClassPass classes this month and, well, I completely forgot about that. I have one left to knock out before the end of the month! Any suggestions?

AND, speaking of classes (hint hint), I know I alluded to some big news a few weeks ago but haven't been allowed to make an official announcement yet. But keep an eye on my Instagram (here), for details soon!!

How was your weigh-in Wednesday?

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