Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday Weigh In

Weigh-in Wednesday!
Last Week's Weight: 169.4
Current Weight: 168.6
Change: -0.8
Total Loss: -69.4

It took all day, but here's this week's weigh-in. A small drop from last week, but on the heels of five days of traveling and then spending the last three days scrounging around my kitchen because I didn't grocery shop, I'll take it. 

This week guys. I got home from my Baltimore/DC trip at 10:30pm on Sunday, and I have yet to get home before 8pm from work/post-work things any day this week. The good news is that I got my ass completely handed to me on Monday at SWEAT's Arms/Core class. Like, my shoulders still hurt this morning and I can feel it in my pecs too. 10/10 would recommend that class for arm torture. 

Haven't mapped out my workouts for the rest of the week (who am I?), so it's a little fly by the seat of my pants. The great news is that I grocery shopped tonight after work, so I'll be living on more than sad yogurt breakfast, Trader Joes frozen black bean enchiladas and corn flakes for the rest of the week :)

How was your weigh-in Wednesday?

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