Thursday, September 24, 2015

I'm a ClassPass Ambassador!

Finally, the news I've been excited to announce for weeks: I'm a ClassPass Ambassador!

For anyone who found their way over to my corner of the internet from the ClassPass blog, welcome! I'm Carolyn. Nice to meet ya. I'm a 26-year-old Chicago girl who recently lost 60lbs (roughly the equivalent of five wiener dogs) the good old fashioned way: eating less Jimmy Johns and working my butt off. I work in social media marketing for my day job and I love it. Outside of work I like breakfast sandwiches, Law & Order SVU, whiskey cocktails, bulldogs and trivia.

If you've been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I took the plunge to join ClassPass back in mid-January (no, it wasn't a New Year's Resolution), and I haven't looked back. After an injury sidelined me from running late last summer, I replaced running with going to my office gym. I was going on a daily basis, but I was also phoning it in a lot because I was getting increasingly bored. It probably had nothing to do with the fact that I mostly went and walked on the treadmill at a high incline while watching Chopped. By January I was so sick of the same old same old gym routine, I needed to mix it up because I was losing interest (and, er, gaining weight) FAST. 

Enter: ClassPass. The crazy thing is that I was never a huge fan of group fitness. In fact, in college (at 50+ lbs heavier), I was a little embarrassed to go to group fitness classes because I was self-conscious about being the heaviest person in the room. But without running I needed an outlet, and I found it. 

Here we are, 8 months, 178 classes, so many tucks, squeezes, planks, rows, burpees and 11lbs lost later. In that time, anyone who's encountered me in real life or blog life has probably heard me preach the gospel of ClassPass. 

I love setting up my schedule for the week, knowing the vast variety of classes I have at my disposal. I love losing myself in the music while climbing up a brutal hill at FlyWheel. I love nailing a killer cardio sequence with Charleston kicks and cross punches in Brawl. I love busting out the final 50m of a row sprint at the end of a sweaty and demanding GoRow class. I love folding over in the gloriously hurts-so-good sleeping pigeon pose at CorePower Yoga. I love thinking I can't, but then bumping the treadmill up a few notches anyway at Run45 or Shred415. I love feeling constantly challenged and striving for constant improvement. I love it all.

(Except Bikram yoga. I still don't like Bikram yoga).

So you can imagine I was thrilled to found out that ClassPass has asked me and some other fabulous ladies to be their ambassadors. What that means for the blog is the same ClassPass love I've been unapologetically spewing for the last 8 months, but with the added bonus of being able to share new updates and information, and even hosting fun events in Chicago. I would love to meet fellow Chicago ClassPassers! Hope you're ready, because I definitely am.

Thanks, as always, for following along this crazy journey! Can't wait to see what's yet to come :)

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