Friday, September 18, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things: Snack Edition

I just realized I have done a few posts in my "favorite things" series, but I have yet to do a post dedicated to one of my favorite things of all: snacking! For a girl who loves food, I can't believe it's taken me this long.

Having been on Weight Watchers for the better part of almost three years (what?!), I've learned a thing or two about snacking within the system. Namely that all of my old snacks were filler junk and that if I want to be satisfied without blowing all of my points before dinner, I need to be strategic about my snacking. I used to eat a lot of chips/crackers/pretzels and other empty calories, but I've slowly converted myself into eating more fruits/vegetables and other nutrient-dense foods that are low in points but still satisfying. Below are some of my favorites.

1) Veggies and dip. Hold the buffalo chicken dip (at least until Super Bowl Sunday), because 9 times out of 10 I'm eating veggies with hummus. Green bell peppers, cucumbers and carrots are by far and away my favorite raw veggies. As far as hummus goes, I'm a big fan of Tribe's Everything Hummus, but if I can't find that I'll usually go for garlic. At usually ~2PP/serving, it's a great low point option. Sidenote: anyone have a good hummus recipe? I'd love to make my own. 

2) Fruit. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating when I eat fruit, because it's a really satisfying and sweet snack for (almost always) 0PP. Bananas and apples are my staples, but I also love clementines, berries and pineapples. 

3) String cheese. Cheese is actually a big "trigger" food for me because in college I used to buy big ole' blocks of cheese and eat them over the course of just a few sittings. I actually still don't keep blocks of cheese, cheese cubes, or usually even shredded cheese at home for that reason (*sob*). But, string cheese is fair game :) Low-moisture part-skim mozzarella string cheeses are usually 1PP each (or 2 for 3PP), so these are definitely a staple for me.

4) Yogurt. Another staple that I almost always have on hand. Siggis is my very favorite yogurt brand, but they don't sell it at my usual grocery store and it is pretty pricey. Instead, I usually go for the 0% greek yogurt because it's super high in protein but lower in fat. Mixing plain greek yogurt (not vanilla) with PB2 is one of my favorite snacks, or I also like topping it with fruit and/or granola (if I have points to spare).

5) Jerky. I'm just going to come out and say it: it's impossible to eat jerky without feeling like a cowboy but I've decided I don't care. I love jerky for a high-protein snack that's actually very low in points. My usual jerky is just 2PP/serving for 12g of protein!

While these are my favorites, I also often snack on popcorn (3PP per BAG!), hard boiled eggs (2PP each), or veggie straws (3PP/serving). If you are looking for more snack inspiration, check out this great list of healthy snacks. The work snacks list has beet chips on it, which I've never heard of but am definitely interested in trying.  

Happy snacking!

What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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