Monday, August 10, 2015

YOLO Weekend

I was fully prepared to come back after my weekend of camping and tubing and joke about how this city girl can totally hang in the wilderness (aka our campground with running water and a pool). But the universe had other plans. 

So our group of 28 set out to go camping at Rising Sun Campground in Monterray, Indiana. Bless my friend who organizes these outings because I can barely plan a trip for 5 people. Anyway, we arrive, set up camp, have some drinks, make a bonfire, go to bed. The following morning we meet up with the campground folks and see our bare bones black rubber tubes, like the ones that go inside a tractor tire. We were roughing it so we didn't think too much of it. The campground owners were going to drive us up stream, and we would just tube on downstream until we got to the campground. Being that our tubing excursion was supposed to last 2.5 - 4 hours, I slathered on a whole lot of SPF 50, thinking we'd be back before I needed to reapply (FORESHADOWING). And we were off. 

The tubing was a whole lot of fun. For awhile. We had river beers, we had sandwiches, we had perfect partly sunny conditions, it was perfect. But then after taking a lunch break, we realized we had no idea how long we'd been tubing, and no idea how much further we had to go (no one had phones because we had nowhere waterproof to stow them). And, the sun was starting to beat down, making the black rubber tubes really uncomfortable to touch. I kept flipping mine over every half hour or so, thinking the cool river water would make it more comfortable. About an hour after lunch we pulled up on a shore and have some snacks and regroup for a few minutes.

We set off again, thinking the end was probably very near (we'd be on the river for roughly 4 hours at this point). The tubes were getting more and more uncomfortable to the touch, but I figured maybe I was just getting a little sunburned. The skin under my arms, across my back, and under my knees was getting burning more and more from contact with the tube. Each time we rounded a bend, I assumed the campground would come into sight, and each time it didn't I got a little more worried. 

After many bends and no sight of the campground, we finally spotted it a ways ahead. At this point everyone was SO READY to be off those godforsaken tubes, rinse off in the shower, and chill out at camp. Well, we dismounted the tubes, and almost sprinted for the showers only to find... nope, the burning wasn't stopping. In fact, it was getting steadily worse and it was in almost the same spot on everyone (across their back, along the underside of their arms, under their knees). 

The tubing trip quickly turned sour when we realized that we all had some type of chemical burn on the places where our skin made contact with the tube. Probably 20 of the 28 of us had some type of irritation in varying degrees of severity. We think the irritation was caused by either the chemical used to clean the tubes (LOL if they do that), or, more likely, that the mosquito fogging they did on the campsite the week before we arrived also covered the tubes. Anyway, on top of an absolutely awful front of my leg sunburn (our maximum 4 hours trip turned into nearly 6 hours), my arms/back look like this from the burns where my skin was touching the tube:

Thank GOD my friend's boyfriend hadn't drank and so he drove us the two hours home on Saturday night, rather than spend the night at the campground. I had one of the most miserable nights of my life. My skin was so inflamed I couldn't sleep no matter what position I tried, so I basically filled my tub with lukewarm water and laid in it, propped my computer up on the toilet and water OITNB until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Pretty glamourous.

Apart from the searing pain (it's Monday night and everything still hurts) and embarrassingly red skin that people at work kept asking me about, I'm probably most annoyed that I couldn't even work out today. Also, the river killed my Fitbit, and wearing anything other than a sports bra and flowy clothing is a big fat nope.

All this to say, I have started this week on the wrong foot, and need another day or two do get myself back together. I might be skipping this week's weigh-in, but I'm definitely going to try to make it to the yoga class (not hot yoga, i ain't no fool) I signed up for tomorrow night. My daily Fitbit goal is out of the question until I can replace that bad boy, but once I can walk instead of hobble, I'll be back to trying to hit my goals. 

And hey, I learned a valuable pro-tip from this whole experience: Noxzema is like magic potion for burns. 

Ever have a camping trip go awry?

How do you regroup after a rough start to the week?

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