Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wins and Losses

Weigh-in Wednesday!
Last Week's Weight: 169.8
Current Weight: 167.6
Change: -2.2
Total Loss: -60.4

Following a weekend of dangerous food possibilities (read: my parents were in town so we ate a lot), I'm extremely excited to report a loss -- and a big one at that! To be totally honest, I have been bombing at recording all of my food, for reasons that will become apparent below. But, with this loss I have renewed motivation that despite not achieving all of my monthly goals, I can do this. So, here are some wins and losses for the week:

From now on I refuse to quantify my weight loss in anything other than weiner dogs.
And workouts will be calculated in terms of slices of pizza earned.
WIN - New lowest weight (in over a year!). Over 60lbs lost from my highest weight, and 12lbs lost since April. 

LOSS - I lost my cell phone last week, which meant no food tracking for 2 days until I got a new one (sad face), and also a lot of money out of pocket to replace it (extra sad face).

WIN - I still worked out 6 times last week, including one double-header, even with parents in town. Tried 3 new classes in 3 days!

LOSS - Accidentally set my alarm for 4:45PM last night instead of AM. So I missed my morning class. And will get charged $20 for missing it. Ugh.

WIN - Despite having guests in town and travelling in the last few weeks, I've been making good food decisions probably 80% of the time but...

LOSS - Bought Jif Whips Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread the other day and have confirmed that I am not allowed to have it in my apartment due to eating almost half the container in 3 days.

WIN - My replacement Fitbit came in, so I'm back at it with tracking my steps (after 3 weeks off because it bit the dust at some point during my camping trip).

WIN - Grocery shopped and cooked after my parents left, so I've got a fridge full of healthy eats for the week (we don't need to talk about the frozen pizza I caved and bought and is sitting in my freezer). 

WIN - I read four separate blog posts/tweets yesterday about the magical meditative powers of adult coloring books, so I spent some Amazon credits I had laying around on this one. Here's hoping it works because I have a feeling work is about to get crazy pants for the next couple months.

How was your weigh-in Wednesday?

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