Friday, July 31, 2015

Weigh In Friday

Weigh-in Wednesday!
Last Week's Weight: 171.6
Current Weight: 169.0
Change: -2.6
Total Loss: -59


Confession: I've never actually watched Broad City, I just mostly like their GIFs. And I just looked back through my weight logs and I haven't officially weighed in in the 160s in over a year. So hell yes to that.

A brief end-of-week recap: I prepped food and kicked my butt as much as possible on workouts early in the week (Sproing on Monday, Barre on Tuesday, Rowing on Wednesday), because I knew going out of town Wednesday/Thursday would throw off the latter half of my week. After cramming 8 hours of work into 6 hours in the office, we were off to NYC on Wednesday afternoon!

Because I haven't yet had an opportunity to take advantage of ClassPass Flex (using CP in another city), I was hell-bent on signing up for a class in NYC. I fully intended on face-planting into my bed as soon as I got to the hotel Wednesday night but, well, I was hungry and then I got sucked into Catfish on MTV until midnight. If you want to see the most miniature but cutest hotel room that I stayed in, follow me on Instagram. 

To everyone's surprise (myself included), I dragged myself to a 6:45am spin class at Crunch Gym, just around the corner from my hotel. 

The class (Crunch Gym's "The Ride") was definitely a good workout. I feel spoiled by FlyWheel because I really love the data output from their classes (average speed, avg torque, total mileage, etc.), but for a 45-minute sweat session nearby my hotel, this was a fine substitution. I was close to Times Square, so I did a quick early-morning driveby before trying to hunt down a lox sandwich at Pret a Manger. When Pret didn't have any, I was crestfallen for about 18 seconds before I remembered that I AM IN NEW YORK CITY, HOME OF BAGELS EVERYWHERE. So I stopped by a local deli on the next corner and got the most epic bagel and lox sandwich I've ever had. Please appreciate the impeccable lox-to-cream cheese ratio because it was absolute perfect. That productive morning was followed by a quick shower and meeting prep, meetings all morning, many flight delays, and a 2-hour flight home, and here we are, Friday at last.

But blue skies in Chicago are just what the doctor ordered to cap off a busy week.


Any fun weekend plans?

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