Friday, July 31, 2015

Weigh In Friday

Weigh-in Wednesday!
Last Week's Weight: 171.6
Current Weight: 169.0
Change: -2.6
Total Loss: -59


Confession: I've never actually watched Broad City, I just mostly like their GIFs. And I just looked back through my weight logs and I haven't officially weighed in in the 160s in over a year. So hell yes to that.

A brief end-of-week recap: I prepped food and kicked my butt as much as possible on workouts early in the week (Sproing on Monday, Barre on Tuesday, Rowing on Wednesday), because I knew going out of town Wednesday/Thursday would throw off the latter half of my week. After cramming 8 hours of work into 6 hours in the office, we were off to NYC on Wednesday afternoon!

Because I haven't yet had an opportunity to take advantage of ClassPass Flex (using CP in another city), I was hell-bent on signing up for a class in NYC. I fully intended on face-planting into my bed as soon as I got to the hotel Wednesday night but, well, I was hungry and then I got sucked into Catfish on MTV until midnight. If you want to see the most miniature but cutest hotel room that I stayed in, follow me on Instagram. 

To everyone's surprise (myself included), I dragged myself to a 6:45am spin class at Crunch Gym, just around the corner from my hotel. 

The class (Crunch Gym's "The Ride") was definitely a good workout. I feel spoiled by FlyWheel because I really love the data output from their classes (average speed, avg torque, total mileage, etc.), but for a 45-minute sweat session nearby my hotel, this was a fine substitution. I was close to Times Square, so I did a quick early-morning driveby before trying to hunt down a lox sandwich at Pret a Manger. When Pret didn't have any, I was crestfallen for about 18 seconds before I remembered that I AM IN NEW YORK CITY, HOME OF BAGELS EVERYWHERE. So I stopped by a local deli on the next corner and got the most epic bagel and lox sandwich I've ever had. Please appreciate the impeccable lox-to-cream cheese ratio because it was absolute perfect. That productive morning was followed by a quick shower and meeting prep, meetings all morning, many flight delays, and a 2-hour flight home, and here we are, Friday at last.

But blue skies in Chicago are just what the doctor ordered to cap off a busy week.


Any fun weekend plans?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Brain Dump Wednesday

It's supposed to be Weigh In Wednesday, but some idiot rushed out of her apartment too quickly this morning to remember. I'm going out of town for work tonight, so it won't happen tomorrow either (sigh). Last week's weigh-in was 171.6, which was no change from the week before (double sigh), so I'm sure we'll all be holding our breath until Friday when I weigh in. 

In the meantime, here's a brain dump:

  • This is my new favorite t-shirt. It's from Target (regular sizes sold out, but plus size still available online). Some girl stopped me on the street and asked if I had run into anyone wearing a shirt that said "I woke up like this." Sadly, that run-in hasn't happened yet, but I'll keep you posted.

  • If you ever want to make the most revolting looking but delicious tasting smoothie, blend up spinach, frozen blueberries, vanilla protein powder, half a frozen banana and almond extract. It basically looks like charcoal and water in a blender but it tastes like a blueberry muffin (we can pretend). But for real the almond extract makes it.

  • If the reason you don't do Crossfit is because you don't want to callus up your dainty Disney princess hands, rowing is probably not a good substitute. Yes, I learned this the hard way. No, I don't actually have dainty Disney princess hands.

  • I finally (finally!) bought a spiralizer and when Inspiralized liked and commented on my IG photo, I might have had a fangirl moment. Now please send me all of your favorite spiralizer recipes because I plan on zoodling everything possible. (PS I bought this one on Amazon and can provide a better review once it arrives this week).

  • Did you know that you can use ClassPass in other cities (for free?!)? Just change your "home" city to the city you're travelling to and the scheduling app will automatically update to the new location. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try this out in Denver, but I signed up for a spinning class in NYC tomorrow morning literally across the street from my hotel. Score.

  • The Goldfinch doesn't get good until you're about 300 pages in (which is not even halfway). Talk about a labor of love.
  • I recently signed up for RocksBox. If you're a jewelry junky like me, you'll definitely love this. RocksBox is like the lovechild of Rent the Runway and Ipsy. A stylist hand-selects three pieces of jewelry for you, you wear them as much as you want (and can purchase them at a discounted rate, if you want), then you review them and return them. Based on your review, the stylist assembles you a new array of jewelry, rinse, repeat. I'm on my second box and so far I love it because the stylist really listened to my feedback (got all silver accessories the first time and asked for more gold, which I received in the second box), and the shipping is super fast and all included in the monthly fee. Want a free month membership? Use CAROLYNBFF95 to sign up(PS RocksBox gave me a free 3-month membership, but I wrote this review because I wanted to, not because they paid me to).

  • Without many weddings or trips lined up this year, I'm relishing my opportunity to take random Fridays off. Last Friday I still woke up early and went to my favorite Brawl kickboxing class, went for a walk (one of my favorite views, above), called my mom, did laundry, did a quick work call, and got a haircut all by 3:30pm. BOOM.

  • This is how I spent 95% of my Sunday and for that I have no shame.
Alright, what's going on in your life? 

PS - I really do want all your favorite spiralizer recipes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Being Basic

Clearly I get stuck in this weight window of the low 170s and it seems very difficult to get out of it. I'm working out 6x a week, burning 400+ calories per session, and I'm averaging about 12,000 steps per day. So, working out is definitely not the issue (probably the first time in my life I've ever uttered those words). That's frustrating.

I was thinking about this over the weekend and trying to come up with strategies to a) ensure I'm eating quality foods, and b) keep myself fuller, longer. It's when I'm hungry that I'm most inclined to snack on empty calorie junk that doesn't actually keep me satisfied. And then it hit me: there was a time I had a much better focus on healthy eating habits, which was when I was in the Chicago Achievers Project and finally busted my low 170s/high 160s plateau. Bingo. 

So, this week has been a return of the basic principles we were taught during CAP, which are to eat 9-11 servings of fruits and veggies per day and 80-100g of protein per day. During CAP we were told that once we hit those targets, we could eat whatever we wanted. What they didn't tell us was that you won't want to eat more food once you hit those targets. Tricksters. 

If you're thinking that 9-11 servings of fruits and veggies sounds like a lot, that's because it is. Simple math will tell you that breaks down to roughly 3 servings of fruits/veggies per main meal, or a bit less than that if you get in your freggies for snacks. I'm a practical learner, so it's easiest for me to visualize this in terms of meals. Here's what an average day looks like:

- Protein smoothie with 1 scoop protein powder, large handful of spinach, frozen banana (optional), and fruit of choice; strawberries, cherries or blueberries are my favorite. I add a splash of almond extract and it tastes like a muffin (we can pretend, okay). I make this the night before, freeze it, and then pack it in my bag to drink post-workout while I'm getting ready.

Morning Snack:
- Some type of fruit
- Greek yogurt (optional: protein granola)

- Some type of protein (I've been eating a lot of tuna lately - sorry coworkers) and 1-2 servings of veggies 

Afternoon Snack:
- Cucumbers or carrots and hummus

Pre-Dinner Snack (YUP):
- String cheese or jerky 

- Some type of protein (I've been LOVING mussels lately - I buy them frozen and pre-marinaded so they only take about 7 minutes to cook) and 2 servings of veggies (I <3 Brussels sprouts forever and ever amen)

- Strawberries & cool whip or grapes or a cookie dough Yasso Bar because YOLO (just kidding they're only 3PP and 5g protein)

Don't forget 80oz+ of water, for good measure. 

Add it all up and that'll get you pretty close to the targets mentioned above, and obviously a little tweaking here or there where needed. You'll notice there's almost zero refined starches on this list because dun dun dun, those have almost no nutritional value. On top of which, they definitely don't keep you full. Because the list above is actually quite a lot of food, that doesn't leave a whole lot of room for empty calories (I see what you're trying to do here CAP).

So this is my first week back on the "CAP plan," and we'll see how it goes. Of course I'm still counting WW points along the way. My goal is to stick as closely as possible to these targets during the week, and then let myself live a little on the weekend (a little, self). But wine counts as a fruit, right?

How do you break through a plateau? Tell me all your favorite ways to sneak in extra fruits and veggies.

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Weigh-in Wednesday!

Last Week's Weight: 170.6
Current Weight: 171.6
Change: +1.0
Total Loss: -56.4

It has come to my attention that this blog has been sorely neglected for too long (Hi Maureen!). I know, I know -- we're all busy. Excuses! Also I ate like an idiot for a week around July 4th so I needed to have a serious come-to-Jesus talk with myself, pony up, and refocus. And here I am. 

Weight-wise, I've been hovering in about a 3lb window for awhile, it feels like. The low 170's are a maintainable weight for me (and by maintainable I mean I'm still eating well 80% of the time, indulging 20% of the time, and able to stay in that window). An old friend/former coworker (who has also lost a lot of weight) and I were talking last night about maintainable weights. I mentioned that 150lbs has always been my goal weight since starting this journey, but the closest I've gotten was about 161, which I maintained for maybe 2 weeks during the peak of half marathon training last spring. 

Ultimately, I want my goal weight to be one I am happy at AND can maintain without feeling like I'm sacrificing my quality of life (eating-wise or workout-wise). I feel like I'm covering those things right now, but I would like to lose further unnecessary blub (talking to you, stomach), so I'm still on the weight loss train, and evaluating as I go.

Otherwise, life has been business as usual, but the weekends have been pretty packed. It's easier for me to dedicate time to the blog on the weekends than during the weeks, because I'm usually leaving my apartment at 5-something AM and then I don't get home until 6-7ish (later, if I have plans). So the back-to-back of Milwaukee, Denver and July 4th in Chicago kicked my butt a little bit. But I have so many things I want to talk about here! Namely, what I've been up to workout-wise, a really awesome nutrition/wellness company that came and presented at our office, and, of course, getting back to the weekly weigh-ins.

So this is me holding myself to be more accountable to this blog, which in turn keeps me more accountable to myself.

Cheers to re-commitment!

How was your (day late) weigh-in Wednesday?