Friday, June 12, 2015

What I've Learned in 100 ClassPass Classes

Exactly 20 weeks and 1 day after I jumped on the ClassPass bandwagon, I hit my 100th class! If you harbor a secret love of numbers and statistics like I do, you'll appreciate the following breakdown of ClassPass by the numbers:
  • 104 classes complete (to date)
  • 5 classes per week, on average (more than that if you factor in the 10 days I was on vacation)
  • 25 different studios visited 
  • Most visited studios: 
    • Barre Code (14)
    • FlyWheel/FlyBarre (13)
    • Core Power Yoga (13)
    • GoRow (10)
  • Number of accidental dance classes attended: 1 (still haven't recovered from watching myself dance in a full length mirror in the sober light of day)
  • Classes missed: 1 (womp womp, but it was a conscious decision, not an accident)
  • Average cost per class, regular price: $25
  • My cost per class: $5 (or $2.50 if you factor in the portion of ClassPass my work covers with a gym stipend)
Now, I started this whole thing as a girl who a) hates gyms, b) hates paying to work out, and c) is afraid of group fitness classes. Suffice to say joining ClassPass has completely changed my outlook on all of the above. In fact, now I get really excited on the weekends to plan my workout schedule for the week ahead. I've even become that girl who goes to bed early so I can wake up early to work out before work and even *GASP* on Saturday mornings. But hear me out, because if I (a former night owl and perpetually lazy person) can do it, I promise anyone can do it.

Here are some of the biggest lessons I've learned in 100 classes:

Sound the Alarm
For my fellow morning worker-outers (*crickets*), here's a tip that has been a game-changer in keeping me on time in the mornings. Every night before bed, I use Google Maps to determine how long it will take me to get to class, and then I plan to leave at a time that gets me there roughly 10-15 minutes early (there are few things I hate more than late class enterers -- that is rude!). Then, when I set my alarm, I change the "alarm" label to remind me when I need to leave in order to be on time. Something like "Leave by 5:25 for BRAWL!" Now I have an alarm clock full of pre-set reminders for all the morning classes I go to -- I haven't missed one yet!

Pull the Trigger
The more I hem and haw over signing up for a class, the more likely I am to chicken out of signing up. I might spend 20 minutes on a Sunday morning scanning the day for yoga classes, only to talk myself out of every single one (what if I grocery shop at 4pm? shouldn't I do laundry instead? what if I accidentally take a nap and miss class?). So what's the cure for "what if-ing" yourself to death? Just pull the damn trigger and commit! If you're anything like me, you'll MAKE the class work in your schedule, because you're too cheap to fork over the $15 cancellation fee and that's a lot of money to pay to NOT work out. And while you're hemming and hawing over class options, just remember to... 

This is the only face that can appropriately describe the trepidation
that accompanies signing up for a Hike45 class.
Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
There's a range of emotions that comes with signing up for ClassPass. First, the excitement: so many classes to choose from, so many fun ways to work out! Then, it can become a little overwhelming and intimidating: TOO many classes to choose from! What if I have to go to a new class alone?!

What happens if you have to go to a new class alone? Absolutely nothing. In fact, probably almost everyone else in the class is alone! You find someone who looks like they know what they're doing and follow their cue (shoes or no shoes? are there sweat towels? where is everyone setting their water bottles?). Or, introduce yourself to the instructor who I can guarantee wants you to have a good time so you come back AND tell your friends what a good sweat sesh you had! Are you going to have a great time in every class? Maybe not. In 100 classes, there have been only three that I wouldn't return to. But if you never try anything new, how are you going to discover your kickass kickboxing skills? 

Always Double Check
Just as I was patting myself on the back one morning for making it to yoga with plenty of time to spare, I realized that not only had I A) gone to the wrong location, I had also B) signed up for completely the wrong class. Brain fart? Thankfully I had just enough time to cab it to the actual location, just in time to get whooped with an inversion-heavy class that I was definitely not prepared for. C'est la vie. Which is why it pays to ALWAYS double-check the class time, class location, and the class you've signed up for (so you have any equipment you may need to bring along!)


Push It! (Push it Real Good)
My favorite instructors are the ones who remind the class that being there is a choice. If you choose to come to class, why wouldn't you push yourself and get the most out of your time in class? This is why I just took the plunge to order a HRM (heart rate monitor), so I can really make sure I'm pushing myself as much as I can, and also to get a better sense of my caloric burn. There's one instructor in particular at Exhale who always tells her classes, "If this is the hardest hour of your day, you're lucky," which is something I always try to remember when I'm tempted to phone it in. Amen. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Restorative Yoga
The first time I went to restorative yoga, I had no idea what kind of class I was getting into and I almost kind of fell asleep (okay I actually did briefly fall asleep). But, since beginning my heart-pounding legs-shaking arms-trembling weekly workout regimen with ClassPass, I have discovered a deep deep love of restorative yoga. If you haven't tried it, restorative yoga (sometimes called yin yoga) is basically glorified stretching with zen music. And, if you're lucky, the teacher will even come around and give you a mini-massage during class. Is there anything better than a long-held pigeon pose accompanied with a shoulder rub while Enya plays in the background? I think not. The perfect way to relax and rejuvenate before a new week begins.

If you can't tell, I would strongly recommend anyone try out ClassPass, as it's made a HUGE difference both in my body and in my attitude toward working out. Cheers to the next 100 classes!

Have any questions for me about classes? What's your favorite group workout class?

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