Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Post-Milwaukee Weigh-In

Weigh-in Wednesday!

Last Week's Weight: 172.6
Current Weight: 170.6
Change: -2.0
Total Loss: -57.4

I won't even pretend like I deserve this loss because for real I ate TERRIBLY in Milwaukee. As I mentioned last week, I planning on not indulging the entire time I was there. I actually got a healthy breakfast before we hit the road (usually I turn off my diet brain beginning with breakfast on the day I leave). The very first restaurant we went to in MKE didn't even have salads on the menu (LOL), so I split a burger with a friend (restraint!). But it was pretty much downhill from there including tacos, cheese curds, late night pizza, and McDonald's on the way back. 

Ergo, I have absolutely no explanation for this week's loss. None. I do, however, have a renewed appreciation for fruits and vegetables after a weekend of WAY more fried foods than I ever normally eat. For real.

Sorry for the short and sweet post, but I'm off to FITBLOGGIN' in Denver this afternoon! I'm actually headed there for work, which is the most perfect collision of my two worlds: work life and work OUT life. We've been planning this trip for months and I've kept the cat in the bag the entire time, but I'm so so excited for the conference. I'll be back next week with a proper update.

Have a good weekend friends!


  1. I WISH I was attending Fitbloggin'! I will make it there one day, so I can meet up with all my cool bloggy friends. :) Have a blast!!!

  2. I am a big fan of the unexplained losses! Sometimes I think it's just a way for the universe to give you a little pat on the back and say, "It's okay that you induldged, you're still on the right track! Keep going!" I can't wait to hear about your trip to Denver and Fitbloggin'! I've never heard of it until reading your post so I'm curious.

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