Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend in Review

A lot of times my weekend strategy is to make no plans so I can laze around, recover from the week, and do whatever I want. Well, the (FINALLY) springtime weather and plenty of things to do got the best of me because I had a packed weekend and it was great!

On Saturday a few work friends and I went to go investigate the Soul Cycle hype for ourselves. I've seen so many bloggers and IGers praising the church of Soul Cycle that I was really curious to see what it was all about. Armed with a promo code for a free Soul Cycle class, we signed up for the 8:30am Saturday class (aggressive on a Saturday morning? yep. But literally almost every other weekend class was sold out). 

So Soul Cycle -- I'll save more details for a full review, but the gist is that I enjoyed the class but didn't LOVE the overall experience (crowded studio, price, vibe). Regardless, it was a really great workout to kickoff the weekend, and a great pre-cursor for brunch with friends :) After, we did a quick pit stop at the inaugural weekend of the Green City Farmer's Market, and then I snagged a Divvy bike to ride home and shower.

Next on my agenda was a haircut and and highlights, both of which were much-anticipated. The huge bummer is that it took nearly 5 hours (FIVE HOURS) because I am cheap and I go to a hair school nearby. Usually they do a really good job, but this time I left with barely-there highlights and a blowout that made me look like head of the PTA. Enjoy this photo of my post-haircut reaction:

Angry head of PTA.
After the haircut I headed out for deep dish with some college friends in town (worth it), and then headed home and watched like four episodes of Married at First Sight like the party animal I am. PS Uh, if you watch that show can we talk about it because WHAT?

Sunday involved starting the yoga with 90-minutes of Birkam yoga and realizing about 10 minutes in that I don't really like Bikram yoga which made the next 80 minutes fun. If you haven't done Bikram, it's a type of yoga performed in a 105 degree room that involves 26 poses with some breathing exercises for added fun. I can only do about 3 poses correctly (one of which is laying on my back motionless), I've usually broken into a full sweat before the end of the warm up breaths, and I always get to a point where my face is sweating so much that when my head is hanging down the sweat drips up my nose and it feels like I'm being waterboarded. It feels good afterwards but seriously. So sweaty.

After yoga I grocery-shopping for the first time in two weeks after realizing that the only items in my fridge were wine, mustard, eggs and a lemon (that is not an exaggeration). Went home to shower up for a mid-afternoon coffee date, which involved styling my hair so as to not look like the wife of a southern senator.

Post date (thanks mostly to the magic of coffee) I forced myself to do laundry (accomplishment) AND put it away (bigger accomplishment). I finished catching up on Married at First Sight while I food-prepped lunches for the week, packed my bag for the gym this morning and called it a night. 

Whew! How was your weekend? Ever had a bad hair experience? How'd you fix it?


  1. FINALLY someone to talk MAFS with! Did you see the first season? Do you think Jessica's Ryan has a mega rage problem (because I totally do)? Do you also feel like Davina wears the pants and that relationship has insanely creepy underlying vibes of emotionally immature adults to it? I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS.

    - Ryan definitely has a rage problem. Their communication issues are actually astounding to me. I like Jessica and think she seems really sweet and genuine, but I'm also like... what do you do all day? I think they could salvage things if they actually went to counseling with Dr. Pepper (LOL DR PEPPER), but Ryan is clearly not used to anything other than bachelor life.
    - Davina definitely wears the pants, but also I would be willing to place money on Sean being gay. I feel like their entire relationship is a giant charade of them both acting out what they feel like should happen in order to keep up the ruse of Davina finally getting hitched and Sean keeping gay rumors at bay. Like, it feels like acting and that neither of them are ACTUALLY into each other.
    - I actually have hope for Jackie and Ryan which I did not think I would say. She was such an asshole to him and god bless him for waiting for her to come around and being so patient and kind while she kept calling him "bro." However, if they fixed me up with a dude who lives in his parents basement I would have definitely had a problem with that.

    OKAY YOUR TURN. What do you think? Who will stay together?

  3. Agreed seriously across pretty much everything you said. --I am amazed by a) how quickly Ryan/Jessica's arguments escalate (though I recognize it could be editing, but still), and the fact that they are essentially speaking different languages does not bode well. I want to shake Jessica by the shoulders and tell her to just spit it out, but Ryan reacts so vitriolically to everything she says I get major ick from it. No bueno.
    --AMEN hallelujah on the Dr Pepper potential helpfulness & lols. Her name is so redic I almost feel like it's a weird branding gag on her end. Aaaaand Dr. Joseph kinda comes across as a bit of a weirdo to me (could just be leftover from last season, I can't think of any specifics from this season) (also could be from being in the field and meeting dudes similar to him and similarly weird. But who knows.)
    -- I just get squeamy thinking about Davina and Shawn. Their chemistry reeks of being SO FAKE and I just feel like they're both trying to prove something. It always read as insecurity to me, and that definitely reads as possibly closeted on Shawn's end. I have yet to meet a fully straight dude whose eyebrows are that impeccable. And the fact that he struggles with so many other comorbid issues (anxiety, insecurity, playing up his 'playa' past) makes me suspicious. Just be yourself, dude!
    -- And YES on Jacqueline and Ryan. They remind me so much of Jamie and Doug from last season (did you watch? If not, DO IT.) Mega kudos to him for putting up with her walls, which reads as a tiny bit doormat-y to me, but I really like the way their relationship is developing and I feel like I genuinely like them as people (or at least how they present/portray themselves) and am rooting for their love to keep growing. I want to see more of a definitive shift since it feels weird that they were touchy/feely before there was anything behind it, but I'll buy it for now.
    So far, I think Davina and Shawn are splitsville, Jacqueline and Ryan will end up together, and I could see Jessica and Ryan staying together but having a super unhealthy relationship. I could also see that crumbling to a billion tiny pieces.
    PHEW. Holy crap, can I talk about TV. This is my big guilty pleasure right now and I LOVE IT. Seriously, be my MAFS debriefing buddy. I could talk about this forevah!

  4. My weekend was so good. The right mix of sitting at home and going out and about. Now if only I had remembered the sunscreen so I wouldn't be half a lobster right now. But I'm kind of glad I'm only half a lobster. It makes dealing with the sunburn a little easier because half of me can still function normally.