Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Post-Birthday Weigh In

Pretty Strong Medicine

Last Week's Weight: 174.4
Current Weight: 172.0
Change: -2.4
Total Loss: -56

Losing weight after my birthday weekend got me feelin' like:

This on the heels of a weekend full of tacos (six, to be exact), a breakfast burrito, Ann Sathers cinnamon rolls (no shame), a Glazed & Infused donut, some chicken nachos and a few margaritas. However, outside of that indulgent eating was a lot of salad-eating and some serious workouts totaling over 60 activity points. I just need to keep reminding myself of that every damn time I pass a candy bowl in the office and have to say no. Being good *most* of the time means I am allowed to have treats *some* of the time. Balance!

Now, the real challenge begins. After 2.5 years at this weight loss game, I've learned that my body is VERY comfortable in the 172-177 range. Which means I'm going to have to really stick to my guns if I want to keep on trucking into the 160s. This week's agenda (thankfully) includes less dining out and a whole lot of sweating at Sproing, FlyWheel, and Barre Code.

Bring it on.

How was your weigh-in Wednesday?


  1. Happy loss! That's awesome! I know how you feel about being stuck in a rut. I also need to keep trucking. Cheers to getting it done!

  2. Woohoo! Losing after treating yourself is always a great feeling and proof that you CAN indulge occasionally. I'll be cheering you on to bust through into the 160's! I know you can do it.
    Earning 60 AP's a week is damn impressive! Do you use any of those AP's to eat more? It would seem that you maybe would need some of them? Or are the 49 weekly points enough to help you eat more to fuel your body for all of those workouts?

  3. Thank you!! Hope you are having luck finding a summer challenge (and glad you're back from vacay and blogging again! xoxo

  4. Thanks! When I was half marathon training I would dip into my weeklies because I was hungry enough (and burning enough calories) that I needed to. In general, though, my goal is to not touch my APs and leave them for overages of little things I don't count during the week (like a TBS of cream in my coffee). I always eat all of my weeklies, though!

  5. Congrats on the loss with a birthday and taco weekend! I never touched my APs but came close to using all my WPs.

  6. Thanks!! I try not to touch my APs, but I always use all my weeklies too :)