Monday, February 9, 2015

A Few of my Favorite Things: January Edition

Soooo, this post is about a week overdue. But I had some awesome finds in January that I wanted to share because they've been helping keep me both active and sane through a brutally cold and snowy winter here in Chicago. Without further ado, my January favorites:

1) Tea

So I've officially converted my office snack drawer into a tea drawer.
I cannot. get. enough. tea. Specifically I'm loving DavidsTea's "Forever Nuts" and "Snickerdoodle" (I may or may not have bought them out of "Snickerdoodle") and Teavana's White Chocolate Peppermint. Both of these are helping me kick my nighttime sweet cravings, and for that I'm forever thankful.

2) Reese's Spreads

Influenster, in their infinite wisdom, decided I was influential in the areas of chocolate and peanut butter, so I was gifted a jar of Reese's Spread. I mean, it's basically pureed reeses and it's every bit as amazing as you would imagine. Because it has less protein than most peanut butters it's also fewer WW points than peanut butter (this speed is only 5PP per 2TBS, whereas most peanut butters are 7PP). Also, it's amazing on everything but I highly recommend bananas, apples, and straight from the spoon (not that I did that) (okay I did that).

3) My $18 Target Tennis Shoes

While doing laundry one night, I challenged myself with a Target shoe mission during the 28 minute wash cycle, and I was victorious. I haven't bought non-running tennis shoes in, oh, years, so I honestly had no idea what to look for. Naturally, I based my mission on color selection and comfort, and these bad boys fit the bill on both accounts. Even better, they were on super sale, plus an additional 20% off with a coupon on the Cartwheel app!

4) My Fitbit (Currently still MIA)

Alright, this is a bit of a stretch because I haven't had a functional Fitbit in a month(!!!). Long story short, my original Fitbit bit the dust in early January. The kind Fitbit people sent me a replacement, but it never turned on. The kind people sat Fitbit sent me ANOTHER replacement that wasn't properly syncing with my phone and didn't hold a charge either. So, I'm hoping the Fitbit fairy godmothers can get their act together and that the third time will be a charm. It's been hard to motivate myself to walk as much without those handy lights telling me how good (or bad) of a job I've been doing. If there's any upside to getting two replacement devices, though, it's that I had enough extra bands to test out some craftiness. Check out that custom (nail polish) paint job I pulled off!

5) REI Balance Bag

This bad boy is the greatest! I got the REI Balance Bag from my parents for Christmas, because I was in desperate need of a replacement to my old gym bag, which wasn't even a gym bag, it was a LL Bean canvas tote from college. So, why do I love this bag? First, because it's in my all-time favorite color of everything aka turquoise. Secondly, it holds so much stuff! There are two separate compartments on the inside where I keep my shower stuff and hair products, and then one zipper compartment on the other side of the bag where I keep jewelry. It also has a handy area on the outside where I can tuck my yoga mat, which is suddenly really important now that I've been going to the occasional yoga class. 10/10 LOVE this bag.

Also, so we're clear, no one pays me to blog about the things I love. I only talk about 'em cuz I love 'em and I wouldn't steer you wrong. 

What are you loving this month? Tell me!

Anyone else as obsessed with DavidsTea as I am? What flavor should I buy next?

The Reeses Spread was courtesy of Influenster but opinions are my own!


  1. I am actually loving something I spy in the background of your photo, the You're actually like, really pretty mat! I need that!!!

  2. It's from Etsy! I'm seriously considering the "Save water, drink wine" one for in front of my kitchen sink...

  3. I love David's Tea too. Unfortunately most of them are out for me this month (Whole 30), but I can't wait to open up my tea drawer next month. My favourite is the apple caramel. So delightful and perfect for fall/winter.

  4. I'm still thinking about getting a fitbit but I'm hesitant because I think I might become obsessed with it. I don't think my family and friends could handle me being even more neurotic. lol

  5. Stacy @ Sweating TulipzFebruary 14, 2015 at 12:49 AM

    Those teas sound amazing! I am going to have to get back in the habit of sipping before bed to avoid my nighttime cravings!

  6. Haha -- I think it's a good and a bad thing, as long as you don't become TOO fixated :)

  7. Apple Caramel sounds so good! The Snickerdoodle is actually kindof apple-y and I'm obsessed. Did you finish up Whole 30? New tea would definitely be a good reward :)

  8. Highly recommend!! I also gave up sweets for Lent, so the tea has been helping a lot.

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