Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Workouts

It's Thanksgiving week. HOLY HECK how did that happen. I seriously feel like we rang in 2014 a month ago. Probably because we skipped summer in Chicago and barreled directly back into Winter mode. Woof.

ANYWAY with Thanksgiving on the horizon, I'll be focusing on nailing my workouts so I can indulge as guilt-free as possible on Thursday. I love the quote above because it helps me keep my excuses in perspective. As I've discussed before, I am the QUEEN of excuses, and if I let myself, I would blow off every workout. Everybody is busy, it's about making time and being committed. For example, if I don't go to the gym before work, there's a 50/50 chance I'll make it after work because I'm tired/hangry/worked late/want to watch 19 Kids and Counting. So, I wake up early and just get 'er done. I don't like waking up at 6am, but that's what I need to do.

Here's my game plan for the week:

45 minutes dreadmill hills (3.7-4.0 speed, 10.0-15.0 incline)
<This would normally be arms day but my bus was running late so I had to modify>

15 minutes dreadmill sprints  (:20 on, :40 straddle belt, start at 8.1 and bump .1 every minute to end at 9.5)
40 minutes Arms/Chest (

Sprints are :20 on, :40 straddle belt, starting at 8.1 and bump .1 every minute to end at 9.5. For the strength portion, I mix it up based on how I feel but it usually includes the reverse fly machine, the pec press machine (no idea what it's actually called), free weight bicep curls, overhead triceps extensions, shoulder presses, triceps dips, upright row, plank, and godawful push-ups. 

15 minutes dreadmill sprints 
45 minutes Legs

Sprints are the same as above. For the strength portion, I don't modify this and almost always do the exact same workout: 4x15 each of hip abductor, hip adductor, leg press regular stance, leg press machine calf raises, leg press narrow stance, quad curl machine, and the following all with 10-15lb dumbbells on my shoulders: squats (4x15), alternating curtsy lunges (8x15 which ends up 4x15 each leg), pliĆ© squats (my actual favorite, also 4x15).

45 minutes Sworkit at home (it's an app that generates no-equipment-needed circuits)

REST or 45 minutes Sworkit at home

REST or 45 minutes Sworkit at home


Writing it all out makes it feel like my workouts are more involved that I previously thought. They're not really, I just wanted to give a holistic picture of what I'm doing on a weekly basis. Basically I always aim for at LEAST 30 minutes of exercise every weekday, with alternating strength workouts. Also, this week is modified because I won't have access to my office's gym on Thursday/Friday. 

Alright friends, how are you staying #fit4fifteen this week?!

Also, I'm always interested in what other people's workouts look like: share yours!


  1. I am being a lazy bum and not working out. Unless you count 16 hours shifts as workout. Next Monday I begin marathon training!

  2. The plan was to hit up Body Pump again tonight but then winter hit and roads are just terrible. And I have no real plans for the rest of the week yet. Have to figure something out!

  3. I wanted to knock out my 3 runs early this week and I was successful! Got in 4 miles on Friday and then 2 - 30 min runs Sunday and today! Hoping it's enough so fridays weigh in isnt a complete disaster after thanksgiving indulgences!!