Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just the Facts

Fact: not every weigh in is going to be a good weigh-in. Sadly. 

Other sad facts:
- pinning workouts doesn't count as actually working out
- really really REALLY REALLY wanting to lose weight doesn't help you lose weight
- pizza has calories (lots of them)
- so do cupcakes
- I gained a pound this week

Last Week's Weight: 172.6
Current Weight: 173.6
Change: +1.0
Total Loss: -54.4

So one of thing I've noticed during this weight loss journey (and in life, really) is that there are a lot of people who take personal credit for a loss, no matter how small, and minimize a gain by blaming it on external factors ("it's my period," "I'm probably just bloated," "it's only up .4 which is basically staying the same."). I try really really hard not to do this, because I staunchly avoid playing the victim of things that are actually in my control. There's your daily dose of psychology (did I mention I love psychology?)

The fact is, there are internal AND external factors at play for every loss and gain. For me this is week, I actually saw a much lower number on the scale on Sunday. So did I gain 3lbs since Sunday? Technically, yes. But did I do some things right this week? Yeah. Did I also do some things wrong this week? Definitely yes. I did the ultimate sin of grocery shopping while hungry and then stood in my kitchen eating jerky while trying to decide what to make for dinner last night. It happens. Also I really love jerky. 

What I have learned is that being pissed about an unexpected weigh in doesn't change the facts. Being pissed and then eating bad food to console yourself because "it doesn't matter anyway" definitely doesn't change the facts. (Tried that one. Many times.)

Here's what I'm doing about it: I'm not going to grocery shop while hungry again (rookie mistake). I'm going to make smarter food choices. Then I'm going to keep making smarter food choices. No magic, no desperate methods, no fasts, no cleanses-- just consistency and discipline. And hopefully next week the payoff will be on the scale.

How was your weigh in Wednesday?


  1. Love the last line: no fast, no cleanses, just consistency and discipline. AMEN, SISTER!

  2. I'm behind you 100% about taking honest responsibility for your actions. Let me just say, though, that, while you had a 3 lb "gain" since Sunday, it's not likely that it's much more than water weight. If it were fat, it would have meant you went overboard 10,500 calories in three days. As a lover of peanut butter, I know that's fully possible, but as you mentioned the jerky last night, it's likely water weight. The good news there is that you can take it off a lot easier than you can 3 lbs of fat, right? So I guess my overarching message here is to go easy on yourself. Jerky happens, and as long as you keep up with drinking water, and maybe some good sweat sessions, it should come off easily by your next weigh-in and you might even see a startlingly high drop in weight. : )

  3. You're so right. Consistency is key. Sorry about the gain. Own it and move on!

  4. You have me really curious if I've done that in the past. I already know that everything you said is true about external and internal factors at play for every weigh in. But that being said it wouldn't surprise me I had placed the blame for a gain on something that wasn't within my control when I really should have looked to myself and my actions. This was such a great reminder! And I'm with ya about the no magic, desperate methods, fasts or clenses. I want to make this happen with just hard work, cosistency, and discipline!

  5. Yeah, a 1 lb weight loss or gain doesn't necessarily mean much. It's a great feeling when it's a loss but really your body can fluctuate in weight in that amount anyway. I try to do the same thing when I gain or lose. Look back at the week and see what I was doing wrong and right and what can be done better.