Friday, November 28, 2014

Back on Track

Fitnasty for Life

I hope everyone (all of my American readers, at least!) had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I spent the day in the suburbs with my college roommate's family and had a great time. I have to admit, it's a tiny bit bittersweet to be away from my own family for Thanksgiving (it's only the second time I've been away from them for the holiday), but spending time with my friend's family was about as close to my own as could be. And, of course, the food was amazing :)

The hardest part about the holidays, diet-wise, is getting back on track once they're over. Especially with Thanksgiving on a Thursday, it can be so easy to wake up and eat leftovers on Friday, order a pizza on Friday night, and then chuck healthy habits out the window for the rest of the weekend because, damnit, there's pumpkin pie to eat. Not this year!

When I food prepped early this week, even though I only had 2.5 work days, I prepped for an entire week to take away my excuses to eat like crap post-Thanksgiving. I have 2 prepped turkey sausage, rice and veggie meals in my fridge, and supplies for another serving or two of my my sweet potato egg hash. I know I'm the queen of excuses, so I counteract that by having healthy (and delicious!) meals on hand and ready to go. 

Another thing I'm working on is filling my fridge with snackable fruits and veggies like apples and carrot sticks. Snacking has always been a downfall of mine, so I'm working on re-wiring my brain to want healthier snacks. If I'm hungry but don't want carrot sticks and hummus or an apple, well, that doesn't mean I get chips (and I can't have them anyway because j don't keep them in my apartment!). That's not to say I've stopped craving chips/starchy snacks, but it's a step in the right direction. I realize I'm not a shining beacon of health, but if I could give just one game-changing good tip, it would be this: if you don't want to eat it, DON'T keep it around. If you say no in the store, you only have to say no once. If you bring it home, you have to say no every time you see the food in your pantry. 

Hopefully all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family! If you're joining me in the quest to get #fit4fifteen, hopefully you're also returning to healthy habits after a food-filled Thabksgiving. 

How do you get back on track after a holiday?


  1. Despite being Americans, we don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving. We don't do the big dinner thing, with tons of leftovers, so it's really just a regular day for us, only we get to see a lot more of our family than usual. I think your plan to come back from the holiday is a good one, though.In your last post, you mentioned all of the things you intended on doing to stay on track. How did that go for you?

    1. I actually know a few other people who don't celebrate (or don't celebrate the traditional way) -- in fact one of my coworkers was going to Chinatown for a Chinese feast! My tactics worked really well, actually! I accidentally skipped breakfast because I went straight from the gym to the train station, and I forgot to pack something to eat on the train. My family usually has cheese and crackers and appetizers, but my friend's family doesn't do that, so I didn't have to avoid filling up before we even sat down. I had moderate sized servings of the foods I love, and then seconds of a few side dishes. I only had about a glass and a half of wine. I left feeling full, but not on the sick side of full, which was my goal!

      PS - You are actually a no-reply commenter, so I wasn't able to respond to your comment via email! If you'd like to update your settings, here's how to do that:

    2. First, great job on sticking to your goals yesterday! You deserve a high-five for that!

      Second, HOLY SMOKES!! I've actually been down this road before but the link I used last time said I was okay. I'll use the one you posted and get this sorted right out. Thank you for letting me know!

  2. I have a pencil case of snacks that I keep in my handbag. I suffer from being "hangry" if i don't eat at regular intervals so i snack constantly, also cognitive function in general disappears let alone the ability to choose a healthy snack. So I have a pencil case that has almonds, and naked bars (I think they are like your lara bars, ie dates and nuts and nothing else) and seaseme crackers for when only something sweet will do. This has saved me from countless family sized bars of chocolate (because who buys the individual when the family size is chaper???).

  3. Great job having meal prepped for the whole week! I'm still suffering from thanksgiving, no leftovers here (left those with my inlaws) but after all I drank and are while tailgating and attending a football game, I need to hardcore detox myself! I feel so bloated and gross right now! No cheat days for me for 6 days!!

  4. Thanks Denise! I had to turn down leftovers too (which of course I wanted them today, but it was better to not have them around!). Water water water-- I've been trying to drink a ton today, and it's definitely helped me not feel so bloated. Good luck getting back to it! :)