Monday, October 13, 2014


Hi! Remember me?

I'm that girl who used to write here but then fell off the face of the earth for the last five months.

I'll spare you the "I'm busy" BS because let's be real, everyone is busy. Here's an abridged list of what I did in the last five months:

  • Moved into my own place
  • Stopped running because of my busted achilles
  • Started running again, barely
  • Went to work lots of times
  • Beat that damned game 2024
  • Played in a kickball league
  • Saw Girl Talk in concert
  • Waited three hours in line for some Hot Dougs hot dogs. Twice.
  • Hosted my cousin for a weekend in Chicago and crossed going to the top of the Sears/Willis Tower off my bucket list
  • Bought a Divvy Bike membership
  • Spent July 4th at my friend's lake house in Wisconsin
  • Mentally made plans to buy a lake house in Wisconsin someday
  • Ate some salads
  • Ate some pizza
  • Watched a lot of Law and Order SVU
  • Went to Cleveland for my best friend's bridal shower
  • Ran the Chicago Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon
  • Didn't run the Chicago Half Marathon
  • Didn't blog
  • Grew a baby basil plant that I bought in the dollar section at Target
  • Forgot to bring pants for work after the gym one time and had to wear sweatpants until H&M opened
  • Went to Atlanta to see my mock trial frands get married
  • Saw Gone Girl
  • Took this picture on the right, two years after taking the picture on the left.

    Yep, that about sums it up. You know what? It was a great summer.

    I have missed blogging though. Blogging is hard work (#realtalk). BUT I really really really miss the camaraderie of the friends I've made from blogging, and the community of people who talk about and care about and live the same issues that I do when it comes to health and weight loss.

    I miss the accountability of talking about my struggles. I miss the accomplishment of talking about my successes. I've missed it all a lot!

    So, I don't want to call this an epic comeback just yet, but know that I want to try to revive this ol' blog and all that it brought me. This might be the cheesiest thing I ever say in my life, but this feels a little like a homecoming and it's good to be home.

    (You're free to make fun of me for the cheesiness)

    (And the awkward selfies).



    1. YAY! I'm so excited that you're back! I would check each day, then each week / month and then I just decided that you were done. Welcome back!!!
      I loved following your successes and it looks like everything is going great! Can't wait to hear more!
      ~ Carmen from ATL

    2. I have MISSED you, twinsie. I kept coming back to see if you had posted and shed a tear when I noticed you hadn't. YAY!

    3. Welcome back Carolyn! Glad to see you had a wonderful summer!

    4. Welcome back! All of the reasons you mentioned for why you miss blogging are exactly why I can't let go of it either. I may take some breaks (okay a lot of them) but I'm still not ready to hang up my blogging hat.

      Oh and can I just say it warms my heart that you want to buy a lake house in Wisconsin. When you do I expect an invite! Wisconsin is where it's at girl.

    5. Well that was an awesome 5 months you had there. And that game - 2024 - ugh I've come so close!