Monday, June 9, 2014

Good and Bad

The good news: I did pretty well with my goals last week.

The other good news: I found and signed on a new apartment! It has [almost] everything I was looking for, including a beautiful kitchen!

The bad news: I'm moving in less than 3 weeks and so life is going to continue to be pretty crazy until then. Did I mention I hate packing?

Fitnasty for Life

First, last week's goals:

1) 100oz a day. With the exception of Sunday, CHECK.

2) Five workouts. CHECK! 

3) Stay within my calorie target every day. Welp, I did this every day but Sunday. Oops. I just don't know how to quit you, Jimmy Johns. 

4) 10,000 steps a day. Nailed it every day except Friday. 

Onward! Here's this week's plan (it probably looks a little familiar):

1) Five workouts. I have a busy week, so this is going to require actually going to bed on time so I can make room for morning workouts (ugh). 

2) No candy. I mean it self.

3) 10,000 steps a day. 

4) Purge and pack both closets. I've been in my current apartment for 3 years, meaning I've accumulated 3 years worth of random junk. Time to start fresh, which means purging stuff that I don't need anymore. Anyone want my old Destiny's Child CD?

What are your goals this week?


  1. Yay for finding an apartment! Good luck packing, purging, and accomplishing the rest of your goals this week!

  2. Great job! You killed it on your goals from last week. And even though life going to be crazy until after the move is over I know you'll make it happen again this week. And congrats again on the apartment!

  3. Great job! Moving is exciting and stressful. I've only moved a few times but I hope I don't have to move again lol

  4. Congrats on the apartment! The best of luck moving! I moved a few weeks ago and put everything off until the last minute and I ended up running around like a crazy person the night before. Not fun