Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Accountability Check? CHECK

Weigh In Wednesday

Last Week's Weight: 165.4
Current Weight: 163.6
Change: -0.8
Total Loss: -64.4

Sixty-second accountability check: I am dangerously close to the 65lbs lost mark and officially less than 14lbs from my goal. Also, this marks 5 weeks in a row of losses, which is my best streak in MONTHS. Unfortunately this week is no less busy than last (perhaps crazier, even), so apologies in advance for the sporadic blogging.

However, let me quickly fill you in on this morning's workout. I couldn't run (because March blizzards are all the rage in Chicago), and when I went to do my Jillian DVD, I realized I'd lent it to a friend. So what do I do? Oh, just complete the entire 3rd week of Ripped in 30 by memory. I'm not sure if that's hilarious or sad, but let's go with hilarious.


How was your weigh in Wednesday?


  1. No, I'd go with sad. ;)

    BOOM LADY! On the losses! You rock!

  2. I'm sad that you've been hit with another blizzard. Darn you old man winter will you leave already. Great job with the weight loss girlie!!!

  3. Haha, that's too funny! Go Carolyn!


  4. Nice loss! And nice streak!

    PS for days you can't get outside, check out Blogilates! Pretty intense workouts!

  5. I did one of Jillian's workouts by memory once and I felt like a stalker that I knew most of it by memory lol.