Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things: Running Gear

One of the intimidating parts of starting a new sport is figuring out what items you actually need to get started. Heck, when I first started running (in high school), I was wearing those super trendy in the early 2000's Adidas tennis shoes with the 3 stripes on the side. Imagine the difference I felt once my dad took my to buy my first pair of real running shoes! 

I thought it might be fun to start a new little series about my favorite things. I'm kicking it off by talking about my favorite running gear:


I wore my old shoes to the ground-- literally. Look at how the treads are completely gone! I can't say enough good things about the Saucony Ride 6s (my old pair were the 5s). They're definitely the perfect running shoe for me! But really and truly, if you haven't been professionally fitted for shoes at a running store (NOT Dick's or Sports Authority), you're doing yourself a disservice! Once you know what shoes you like, then you can buy them for cheaper online :) Can't wait for my newest shoes to arrive!

Sports Bra

If you're like me and have been particularly - ahem - blessed up top, you know that finding a good sports bra can be a real challenge. I'm loving Moving Comfort's Maia bra-- it's available up to an E cup and this sucker really keeps me, as Stacy and Clinton would say, "locked and loaded." Yes, they're expensive (about $60), but totally worth it. If you've got smaller girls and don't need such serious levels of support, well, I hate/envy you.


I love love love Old Navy's activewear line. not only is it cheap, the pieces are really high quality. And their crops don't fall down which is my absolute biggest gripe about workout bottoms. I also have a pair of fleece-lined leggings from The North Face that have single-handedly gotten me through the sucky winter weather. They cost about 80 bucks, but were TOTALLY worth it and they kept my legs toasty through many <10 degree runs.

For tops, my friend Sam got me a really cute breathable Nike tank (above) that has appeared on this blog many a time. I didn't used to care about wearing breathable fabrics on top, but my life has forever changed now that I'm used to the magic of dry fit. 


Shot Bloks are by far and away my favorite fuel. They're easy to transport, and I don't find them completely disgusting even when it's 90 degrees out and they've been in my pocket (unlike Gu which... gross). I love pretty much all of the "red" flavors- Cran-Razz, Black Cherry, Mountain Berry, and haven't had an issue with the caffeine contents in any of the flavors. Also, Nuun is my favorite for hydration. It gives you that burst of electrolyes without all the sugar (or calories) in Gatorade. The price seems a little steep (about $6-8 for the tube of tabs), but if you think of it like buying 10 sports drinks, it becomes more reasonable. I'll drink this before I run, or I'll bring a tab with me on long runs and drop it in my water bottle when I refill at the mid-run mark. 


I'm obviously obsessed with my Garmin Forerunner 10. It was very reasonably priced, as far as GPS watches go, and it gives me just the right amount of information without being too overwhelming. My only nitpick is that it sometimes take a little while to pick up the satellites, but otherwise, it's great! Bonus: they're available in fun colors :)

I also really love the Shoedometer app for logging shoe mileage. You can add multiple pairs of shoes if you rotate, and it'll let you know when you're getting close to needing a new pair, depending on how much mileage you like to put on your shoes. Super easy to use and better than guessing on when I'll need to replace!

What are your favorite running accessories? I'm always on the lookout for new products to try!


  1. I am a huge fan of Old Navy's active wear gear as well. And not having my bottoms fall off my bottom is a huge deal for me. Until I tried Old Navy I didn't have a pair that didn't require me pulling them up every two seconds.

  2. I love my Garmin too. I have the 110 and my friend has the 10. Mine definitely picks up the gps faster. LOL
    My favorite accessories are: my arm band for my phone (tunebelt), my G2 chews (I used shot blocks but they give me gas TMI, sorry), Fitsox, the Nike + app also logs shoe mileage. I always have it logged on just in case my watch dies.

  3. Moving Comfort sports bras changed my life! I found my current one at an outlet for $18! But honestly, I would pay full price!