Friday, February 28, 2014

Weight Loss Confessions

Weight loss is hard, but I feel like sometimes my posts come across as overly "rosy" in an effort to be positive and upbeat. To be completely honest, though, I think being overly self-congratulatory (myself included!) doesn't capture the whole journey. It makes it a) seem easy and b) conceals the parts that continue to be struggles for me, even 15 months in.

But I made this blog to capture the truth, and I'm not sure I've accurately captured that lately. So here's some real talk on the parts of weight loss I still struggle with:

1) I bribe myself with food. All. The. Time.

This salad was a bribe.
My goal this week is to not drink pop at work. And I haven't (hoo-rah!). But I did bribe myself with Starbursts yesterday afternoon when what I really wanted was a 3pm Diet Dr Pepper (amiright?!). And after I bailed on my 5-mile morning run on Wednesday, I bribed myself with Pockets (my favorite healthyish neighborhood fast food place) if I ran the whole five that night. And I bribed myself with indulging in Bagel Friday at work a few weeks ago (I usually avoid it) if I could run a 5K in <30 minutes. So, am I bribing myself with french fries and beefy five-layer burritos? No. But I do bribe myself with "indulgences" on a pretty regular basis.

2) Drinking my calories.

I almost never drink during the week, but I make up for it when I do drink on the weekend (usually just one night). A bottle of wine is 500+ calories, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't qualify as a fruit salad.

3) "Cheat meals."

I hesitate to call them cheats, because I do plan for them. But I eat Jimmy Johns almost every week. And not an unwich because let's be real, the bread is the best part. A 750-calorie #16 Club Lulu with a bag of Thinny Chips (which, spoiler alert, are not much healthier than the regular chips). 

4) Portion control in social settings.

If I'm going to be in a social situation where food is involved (parties, mostly), I don't plan on portion control. I'll hoard my points/calories so I can eat "forbidden foods" to my heart's content. I don't keep most sweets, cheese cubes, chips or snacky appetizers around my apartment because -- shocker! -- I struggle with portion control. Needless to say, allowing myself to gorge every time I'm around these foods at parties isn't helping the problem.

5) Working out my weak zones.

Gimme those arms.
Know why I never want to work out my arms or core? Uh, because these are by far my weakest body parts and I haaaaaaaate arms/core workouts. Mostly core. Doing crunches until your muscles clench up and it hurts your stomach to breathe? I HATE IT. And yet I continue to not see much progress in these areas, and it continues to bother me, and I still do nothing about it. 

Noticing a trend here? Food always was, and likely always will be, my largest struggle. It's not easy to say no to random sweets around the office, and it's hard to stop after a serving size of Fritos at a party. And still, as much as I can control, I do control. I don't keep "danger" foods in my apartment, and I don't have drinks after work if I didn't plan for them. 

At the end of the day, the little things do add up to make a big difference. And ultimately I know that if I win enough little battles along the way, I'll win the war.

What are your biggest weight loss struggles?


  1. Love this entry. I should do the same thing!

    I bribe myself CONSTANTLY with food!

    "Treat" meals, not "cheat" meals, silly! ;)

    I'm a loser when it comes to portion control in a social setting. I eat ALL THE THINGS, but like you, I eat pretty moderately every other day of the weak in preparation.

    Have a good weekend!!!

  2. Oh my yes, I do that all the time. But you have to do what works for you too! And if you wait all week to enjoy that wine, then just make sure your hard work will be worth the reward!

  3. I'm so glad you shared this!!! I too struggle with bribing and rewarding myself with food ALL the time. I try to get over it because I know its not healthy... but I have a CRAZY complex in my mind that chocolate and sweets can cure anything.

  4. Not that I thought your weight loss journey has been easy or all rosy it's still nice to read about what you struggle with. My biggest struggle is just sticking with it dang it. I always have the best intentions but then I slip up and rather than clinging to the edge and pulling myself back up I just let go and slide all the way back down to the bottom.

  5. I have a hard time with portion control....really self control when I am in social situations. I want to eat everything and anything.

  6. Love this post! thanks for being real.

  7. Can someone please just create the easy

  8. THANK YOU! I go to Jimmy John's occassionally and get the #16 too (add cucumbers&onions, minus tomatoes, plz). People are like "oh you should get the unwich"....Um, people...if I wanted a salad, I would go get one. Their bread is the best part. When I was poor-er, I would buy their day old bread and cheap deli meat and it was nearly the same!