Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Power of "I Can"

Weigh In Wednesday

Last Week's Weight: 166.4
Current Weight: 166.6
Change: +0.2
Total Loss: -61.4

Last night marked the final meeting of the Chicago Achievers Project, and Andrea left us with some words that really stuck with me:

I told myself "I can't" a million times before I told myself I could. I told myself "I'm fine" and "I won't" a lot too. Unsurprisingly, that negativity got me exactly nowhere, except heavier. Heavier to the tune of 228lbs. 

Throughout the Chicago Achievers Project, I've been reminded of exactly how empowering it is to finally tell myself "I can." In part, because it's easier to understand what could possibly happen when you're on the other side of the equation. When you're still heavy, saying "I can" is a gamble. It's uncomfortable. It's unknown. At least when you say "I can't" you know exactly what you're setting yourself up for: complacency.

I never lost weight when I told myself I wasn't a morning person so I couldn't work out in the mornings. 

I never lost weight when I told myself I couldn't order a salad when there were burgers on the menu.

I never lost weight when I told myself I couldn't work out after work, I was too tired.

I never lost weight when I told myself that I'd already messed up, I couldn't re-start my diet until Monday (and I might as well eat all my favorite bad foods until then). 

I never lost weight when I told myself I couldn't run, my legs were sore.

I never lost weight when I told myself I didn't feel like cooking, so I might as well get takeout.

I never lost weight when I told myself I couldn't stop eating pita chips, so I might as well finish the bag.

I never lost weight when I told myself I couldn't pass up free food at work, so I might as well just eat it.

I never lost weight when I told myself I just wasn't meant to be small, because I'd tried before and failed. 

Noticing a trend?

One day, I stopped saying I can't. Instead, I started saying "I can" and "I will."

And I did.

I'm not done yet, but I'm a lot close than I was when I thought I couldn't.

Sixty-one pounds and counting. 

That's the power of "can."


  1. Love this. You're right, you CAN if you stop telling yourself you can't. Bang on, lady. :)

  2. What an awesome post! Good for you!

  3. Yes!! Congrats, girl...we have lost almost the exact same amount of weight and this post really resonates with me. I was thinking about this today as a lot of my coworkers will say things to me like "oh, you probably CAN'T eat that since you're on Weight Watchers"...and I say, "first of all, I CAN eat whatever I want...second of all, I CAN have the willpower to say no if I want to." It's amazing what CAN can do to change a perspective :) Keep on doing such good work, you're very inspiring!
    --Kelly from In It To Lose It

  4. So true! You have to keep telling yourself that you CAN and you WILL! You are doing so awesome!

  5. You are awesome and I love this post! Great job girl.

  6. I totally agree with you and that is a very biblical truth that you just spoke of. Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit. I was actually considering doing a positive confession at the end of every post in the future..... you have sealed the deal for me. thanks. thanks for speaking this powerful truth.


  7. Carolyn- YOU ARE AWESOME!! I need to say "I can" waay more!


  8. what a great post! very insightful! it looks like you enjoyed your time with the Chicago Achievers project! How do you like your fitbit?

  9. this is a great are so right. The minute I started believing it was possible for me to lose weight I actually started losing weight:)

  10. Love love love this post. It's so true, it's up to me to believe I can and make things happen.