Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ripped in 30 Giveaway!

By now you've heard of my love/hate relationship with Miss Jillian Michaels (or JillyBoo, which is what I call her in my head to make her seem less scary).

I got suckered into a Groupon for 3 Jillian Michaels DVDs in November, and thus began my relationship with Jill. While I didn't follow the program exactly, I did the workouts for about 6 weeks, at least 3-4 times a week. Mostly while putting Jillian on mute and re-watching House of Cards instead. 

As much as I whine, these workouts are actually pretty awesome. They all follow the same format of 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs, and then you complete three circuits of this within each workout. There are four weeks of workouts and they definitely progress at a decent clip. The moves build upon each other so that Week 1 exercises form the foundation for harder versions that come in later weeks. Plus, each circuit is so short, by the time you're cursing at the TV, you're already onto the next move.

My guns are not very impressive and never have been, but you better believe all those dang pushups and presses have actually made a dent in these bad boys:

Top is from July 2013. Roughly the same weight, but without any arm workouts.
Bottom is from January 2014. Baby guns in progress.

I've also definitely noticed some increased definition in my legs, specifically in my ham hocks-- I mean, quads. And my booty is noticeably firmer thanks to eleventy million squats. I'm actually pretty impressed with my leg differences, considering I thought my legs were already fairly muscular from running.

So, here's the fun part: the lovely Carmen, who was my blogger Secret Santa, sent me Ripped in 30 as  a part of the awesome gift basket she put together. Because one Jillian is more than enough for me, I told her I'd love to do a giveaway with the DVD. Now you, too, can share the pain that is Ripped in 30! 

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! The giveaway ends on Thursday, February 20 at 11:59pm central, and I'll announce the winner on Friday, 2/21.  

May the odds be ever in your favor!
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  1. I have a love/hate with Jillian but I've never tried this one. Only the 30DS. Would be interested in giving this one a shot!

  2. She sucked me into buying Warriors in Pink gear thanks to the Biggest Loser, and now I can't help but think about what Ripped in 30 can do....need to build more strength to help with my running goals!

  3. I hate the B! Seriously. I have the DVD already so I didn't join in the party but look at that gun show your sporting. Nice!!!

  4. Look at those guns! Now I need to remember the changes you've seen in yourself when I don't want to work out with JillyBoo. If you can do it, I can do it!

  5. You know I love my Jillian, but I've actually never tried this one! Your arms are looking awesome!

  6. I really want to try the Yoga Meltdown. I have it downloaded, but just haven't done it.

    Also, love the baby guns! :)

  7. I have a girl-crush on Jillian, so I'd love the Ripped in 30 DVD! I have 30 Day Shred already!

  8. Hey look at you with the arm definition, that's amazing!

  9. Hey Carolyn. So I am not very Bloglovin savy and I think I put the wrong user name for myself. I used my email but I think I am probably following you under laura schueller. LOL. I usually just save my fav blogs and go to them that way and not through Bloglovin.

    I hope to gain more definition and inches lost. I love her workouts and see results with her (when I stay consistent)!