Monday, February 10, 2014


Whine alert: Last week was tough. 

It started when I came down with a cold on Monday. The day I was supposed to start half marathon training. Of course.

On top of which, I had a really long day at work on Monday. Not bad long, but just tiring when I really wanted to face-plant into my bed and hopefully sleep off the sickness.

I started to bounce back by Tuesday, enough to struggle through a 2 mile dreadmill workout before our Chicago Achievers Project meeting.

Running outside was not a possibility because the sidewalks looked a little something like this:

PS my quads are like ham hocks. I blame Jillian's duck walks.
I don't hate it though, and I'll be excited to see my legs change
even more now that my running is picking up again.

So I moaned and groaned my way through 3-mile dreadmill workouts on Thursday and Friday. Nothing occupies me enough to keep me from counting down the hundredths of a mile until I'm done. I've tried House of Cards, documentaries, Nat Geo specials about the hellish process of joining military special forces units, listening to music and watching the HGTV. Seriously, I don't know how people do it.

This is what hell looks like.
Why am I whining about all of this? Because I had a planned 4-miler over the weekend that I dreaded all week. Real talk: my treadmill struggles had me really questioning my ability to train for the half marathon. I dread my 'mill runs and struggle to complete them without taking walk breaks. I thought taking time off for that pesky achilles injury had completely killed my endurance. I hadn't run more than 3 miles in nearly 3 months. I hadn't run more than once a week since November. I doubted my ability to actually run 4 miles. And if I couldn't run 4 this week, how the heck will I run 5 next week? And 6 after that?

But here's the part I'm grateful for. Every runner knows that sometimes you just really need that confidence-building run. That run that affirms your abilities and reminds you of why you do this silly sport. Yesterday was mine:

After putting it off all weekend, I finally laced up on Sunday afternoon and did the damn thing. Pushed the nagging concerns about snow out of my head, stopped with the stupid excuses and just did it, with an extra half mile for good measure. And despite the snow-covered paths, slushy sidewalks, and snot (sorry), it was exactly what I needed. And that's more than enough to keep me going.

On to the goals!

Fitnasty for Life

First, I guess I should come clean about last week:

1) Pack my lunch every day. Er, I cheated on Thursday. But is cheating in the name of an epic salad bar salad really cheating? I think not.

2) Make a dentist appointment. Straight up ignored this one.

3) Complete four runs. CHECK. One of them was shorter than prescribed, but I'll take it.

Now for this week:

1) No unaccounted for snacks. In a moment of weakness, I accidentally bought Nutella last week. And, uh, the jar is already 2/3 gone. I'd like to avoid the self-loathing that comes with knowing exactly how many servings that jar is supposed to be, so it's time to reel in the "just a little bit" tastes. That and I ate M&Ms and fun size Twix bars at work last week. More than once. Oops.

2) Print out training plan and complete four runs. It's much harder to talk myself out of running if I know I'll have to draw a big embarrassing circle around a missed run. My plan actually calls for five runs a week, but considering my low pre-training mileage, I'll be happy to complete four (as-scheduled) runs this week.

3) Make a dentist appointment. I mean it, self.

4) Get in 11,000 steps every day. For some reason (read: laziness), I always slack at least one weekend day. Time to be more accountable!

Your turn! What are your goals this week?

PS -- Exciting announcement coming tomorrow!!


  1. Way to go with the 4 miler yesterday! Apparently you and the treadmill are just acquaintances rather than full on friends. Hopefully this winter starts letting up soon so running outside isn't such a questionable thing for you.

    As for my goals this week, I'm off to post my blog and link up with you. :)

  2. Good for you, for getting that run in! I think printing out that calendar will definitely help with your planning. :)

  3. way to go about the 4 miles...I cant never run continuous on the treadmill I prefer running longer distances outside I get bored on the treadmill :(
    Good luck with your this weeks goals

  4. Great job girl. You know how much I love my outside running!!

  5. I much prefer running outside as well. There's something about fresh air and nature that just can't be beat.

    Keep up that motivation!

  6. I prefer outdoors as well, but sounds like you need better tv to keep you occupied! (Have you tried Doctor Who, hint, hint, nudge, nudge)?

  7. I think you have to pursue scheduling an appointment with a dentist this week, Carolyn. With your active lifestyle, you might be overlooking your health from an oral standpoint. If your oral health is damaged, it might affect your daily routines too. Anyway, good luck in attaining your goals for this week! :)

    Thanh Arnett

  8. Make sure to make the dental appointment a priority, Carolyn. You’ve had five years of delayed dental checkups, and I think those cavities are hiding so well in between your teeth. Anyway, I hope you’ll be able to achieve all your plans for the coming weeks. How are you now? :)

    Stephen Malfair