Friday, February 14, 2014

Fab Five

TGIF. Is it just me or does the week before a long weekend always feel extra long? It's definitely been a busy one, but much better than last week! And now, it's [almost] the freakin' weekend! It's not exactly a cohesive list, but here's my Five on Friday:


I saw this article linked on on a post by one of my favorite bloggers (Iowa Girl Eats), and it's filled with some really awesome advice. Some of these are tips I already use (#14 is one of Jillian's famous tricks-- working multiple muscle groups in a single move) and I totally use cheesy mantras to keep myself going when I wanna quit (#13), but I love the idea of building a playlist by BPM (#3) for maximum power jamming. Anyone ever done that before?


Yesterday it was 32 degrees, so, basically summer after having who-even-knows how many days below freezing in a row. But perhaps I was too overeager when I left my gloves at home for my 4-miler. Oh, and you know what's harder to run on than frozen packed snow? Melting slushy snow. It's like running in sand, and let me tell you, my legs were burning by the end of it.


Funny nostalgia time: when I was a 19-year-old bebe visiting Chicago for Lollapalooza with my college roommates, Chicago was in the midst of the bidding process to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. At the time, I remember already making mental plans for how I'd attend all the events, because I hoped to move to the city after graduation. Of course, by now everyone knows Rio stole the honors... but did you know the next time Chicago might be a candidate city is not even until 2024?!?! Well, hopefully good things come to those who wait.


Basically this is what I will spend my entire weekend watching. Unapologetically. FRANCIS UNDERWOOD IS BACK.


Did you enter my JillyBilly Ripped in 30 giveaway yet?!

Any big plans this weekend? (House of Cards and non-stop Olympics watching counts)


  1. Love watching the Olympics too. Wish I had more time to watch it though! (I REALLY need to get on the House of Cards bandwagon too.. I know I'll love it!)

  2. Nothing big planned here. Whomp whomp story of my life. lol

  3. I'm going camping!/hiking It's suppose to be in the 60's/70's here in DFW TX :)

  4. Really like your workout tank? Where is it from?

    Also, thanks for the fitness tips! I'm going to read through that!

  5. Packing and trying to clear up the DVR are my weekend plans.