Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekly Goals Linkup Returns!

Considering this is my first blog post of the year and it's already January 6th, you could probably guess that I'm not so big on New Year's Resolutions.

Some ecards, however, I can totally get behind.

My beef with resolutions is the same as most people's beef with resolutions: 1) You don't need a new year to make serious changes, 2) they usually fall by the wayside by February. 

Here's the thing, if you want to do resolutions, by all means, go for it. I just know that for me, something hokey like "In 2014 I'm going to stop sweating the small stuff" completely goes by the wayside when I'm in an overpacked train and someone steps on my frozen toes and dude next to me is listening to Sandstorm on repeat at a decibel level that rivals a space shuttle takeoff. Or something.

Where was I?

Oh. Goals, on the other hand, I support. Because to me, goals have to follow the SMART formula, which makes them easier for me to stick to. For example, I took into account the SMART principles when setting my goals last year, and I worked my butt off to achieve those fitness goals. As a rookie runner, my big picture goals were just to complete these distances, though I did end up setting time-based goals near race day(s). And stay tuned for updated 2014 running goals in the near future :)

With that, I present the epic return of the Weekly Goals Linkup! 

Fitnasty for Life

Why Weekly Goals? Because shrinking the time-frame automatically knocks out two prongs of SMART goal-setting (relevant and time-bound). A short window of time makes it easy to focus on something in particular (specific), and achieving a result that isn't 12-months-away lofty (attainable). Now just make sure it's measurable! Bing bang boom, done. Almost. But at least by getting yourself in the habit for a week, you're closer to your end goals than you were a week ago.

My goals for this week are:

1) Hit 100oz of water each day. Usually once I get in a groove with this, I'm good. But I haven't fully gotten in the groove since returning from the holidays. How much water should you drink? Divide your weight in half and aim for at least that many ounces (i.e. 150lbs/2 = 75oz.) each day.

2) No candy at work. Did I mention my new office has candy everywhere? It does and the temptation is real. There's also free diet root beer but whoa sister I can't go cold turkey on everything at once.

3) Get in five workouts. Truth be told, Week 2 of RIPPED in 30 kicked my butt which has made me a little afraid of starting week 3. So, whether it be with the ruthless JM or at my office's gym, I've gotta be more diligent about putting in the time to get the results. 

Your turn-- If you're new to the linkup, feel free to join by blogging about your own goals and add a link to the post using the linkup below! Check out some new blogs and give some encouragement (and hopefully get some in return) :)


  1. I love this linkup. Mondays are my weigh-in days, so it works out perfectly. :)

  2. I may have to join you in this weekly link up! I definitely need to set some goals for the year and for each day and week. Good luck with your goals!

  3. You sound like a teacher. ;) SMART goals.

    Ripped in 30 Week 3, if possible, is actually easier than week 2. I prefer week 2 the best, as I found I got the best workout. :)

  4. I'm so glad this link-up is back!!! Good luck on your goals this week!