Friday, January 31, 2014


I would tell you there's a coherent theme to this blog post, but that would be a lie. TGIF!

On the first week with a new nutritional plan: 

This is what my grocery cart looks like now. Look ma, no Smart Ones!
Chicago Achievers Project has us on a seemingly simple nutritional plan: each day we need to eat 80-100 grams of protein and 9-11 fruits and veggies. I never realized how big of a role protein plays in keeping me fuller, longer (duhhhhhh). I used to always eat oatmeal for breakfast, which was satisfying, but I was definitely ready for a mid-morning snack by 10:30. But swapping my oatmeal (3 grams of protein) for a smoothie (15+ grams of protein) means I usually have to make myself have a snack by 11. Okay jedi mind trick (or, y'know, proven biological science).

On a related note, if I didn't already eat pretty healthily, this would be really intimidating. I've obviously been taking steps towards bettering my eating habits for the last 14 months, which started with swapping SmartOnes for fast food, and now to more consistently preparing my own healthier meals. Even now, it takes real thought to plan out my day to hit our nutritional targets, so I imagine making that leap from no focus on health to these nutritional targets is probably pretty difficult for those just getting started.


SEVEN DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE OLYMPICS AND I JUST REALLY CAN'T WAIT. Ice skating, ski jumping, half pipe, speed-skating, luge, bobsled, heck I even like the biathlon. BRING ON THE GAMES.

FitBit sent me this email the other day and they've officially created a monster:

Every time I tap that bad boy throughout the day and it tells me I'm only 40% of the way to my daily goal, you better believe I take the long way back from the bathroom and make myself walk home from the train, even though it was Chiberia Pt. II this week. 



I'll just leave this here:


Have a good weekend!



  1. Totally agree with the changes. It's HARD to do it all at once. It really is a work in progress to get to a point where you eat and do the right things. I think doing it all at once, could be why people fail so often.

    Um, Curling. That's all I care about at Sochi. ;)

    Have a fanfriggintastic weekend!

  2. Dang girl! Those weekly FitBit stats are awesome! And who knew that protein would keep you fuller longer? Haha. :)

  3. You definitely had an interesting week! There were a lot of good progress and result on your weight loss journey. Looking at the nutritional plan you prepared for yourself, it’s not surprising at all. And in my opinion, there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve your goals because you have a good combination of healthy meal plan and workout routine.


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