Thursday, January 16, 2014


I may be getting ahead of myself (scratch that, definitely getting ahead of myself) but this week's warmer temps have me so excited to return to outdoor running! I'm definitely trying to take advantage while it lasts, including a somewhat icy 3-miler on Monday night.

After talking to my college roommate the other day, it hit me that half marathon training starts in less than 3 weeks. What the what?!!?! Considering my achilles issues put me out of commission for the last 2 months, my base weekly mileage is not where it should be. Luckily, I've managed to hold onto my "speed" in the off season, but I know that getting my endurance up to snuff and maintaining speed will be the challenge. For reference, I was running about 10:45-11:00+ pace pre-training last year. I'm running about 10:00-10:30 now, and that's in sub-par snow conditions.

It's strange, because at this time last year, I didn't even like running. When I started running in Feb/March '13 (after a hiatus since December '12), I was just getting to the point where I didn't loathe every single run. Beginning runners know that's major progress! I don't think I actually started to enjoy running until April of last year.

What a difference a year makes! I've already mentally made a calendar of races I'm hoping to run throughout 2014. Here's the plan:

March 30 - Shamrock Shuffle (8K)
April 27 - Nike Women's Half Marathon in DC
May 4 - Cinco de Miler (5 miles)
May 24 - Soldier Field 10-Miler
July 20 - Chicago Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon
September 7 - Chicago Half Marathon

Also, in assembling this list I just realized that the Chicago RNR Half starts at 6:30am. Who in their right mind made that call?!?!

Some of these are races I ran last year (Cinco de Miler, Chicago Half), and so I'm pretty confident I can crush my times. The big picture plan is to train up to half marathon distance for the April half and then work on my speed throughout the summer. I'll be using the same training plan I used for my first half marathon. But plenty more to come on that front in terms of race goals and training specifics :)

Have you been bitten by the running bug?

What races are on your agenda for 2014?


  1. Hm let's see...I am running a half in April, full in October and Ragnar Relay in September! As well as random 5ks. I am most excited about the Freihoffer's Run for Women in May. I think it's the biggest 5k for women.

  2. I need to start working on an agenda and committing, rather than just talking about it.

    PS, you're a superstar! :)

  3. Wohoo. Look at you speedy girl! Awesome job running and braving the ice. I might have to meet up with you and do the R&R. That sounds like fun!

  4. What a difference a year makes indeed! I'm excited to follow along with your training and see how the races go this year. You got this!

  5. I have only planned about the first half of the year. On Sunday, I completed the Hot Chocolate 15K. February's race is the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. March, April, and one of my races for May are local 5Ks (the other is a virtual 10K with The Mother Runners). I don't have a race planned for June yet, and July is the Peachtree Road Race 10K here in the Atl. My running buddy and I are trying to decide if we want to continue with half marathons after these races (the Feb. race is our first half) or try to speed our 10K times.... Good luck on your races!