Monday, January 13, 2014

On The Right Foot

Another weekend has come and gone, and thus begins the first full week of work (last Monday our office was closed due the the bitter cold) in what feels like ages. On the plus side, the weekend was equal parts lazy and fun, and it included a delicious brunch. Can't complain. 

On with the goals!

Fitnasty for Life

If you're new around these here parts, the Weekly Goals Linkup is basically around to help you start the week off on the right foot. Whether that means repairing the damage done over the weekend, or trying to instill a new healthy habit. Feel free to check out other bloggers' weekly goals for inspiration, and send them some love and good vibes for the week!

Last week my goals were:

1) Drink 100oz of water a day. CHECK.

2) No candy at work. CHECK.

3) Get in five workouts. CHECK.

Successful week back on track! 

This week the goals are:

1) Bring lunch to work every day. Shouldn't be an issue because I already made 5 servings of teriyaki chicken. Another meal-prepping for lazy people post coming soon.

2) Get in five workouts. Same goal again. My office actually has a health program where you earn stickers for each workout and day of healthy eating. It's definitely motivating to get to put a sticker on my calendar for each day I workout and eat healthy. Rumor has it that prizes are involved, I just don't know what yet. Also, I'm crossing my fingers that this weekend's warmer temps made the sidewalks passable so that outdoor runs are possible again (!!).

3) Cross those nagging items off my to-do list. Including: get a haircut, pay bills, clean the bathroom, etc. Adulthood, sigh.

Your turn!


  1. Okay, fine. I'll linkup. You've dragged me kicking and screaming into it. ;)

  2. I like how you included the grown-ups stuff. It IS so fun.. wait, no it isn't!

    Good luck, beauty!

  3. Damn. I forgot about the link up. Kind of like I forgot about meal planning and making chicken enchilada soup over the weekend. Next week!

    Way to go on accomplishing all of your goals last week. I'm sure this week's goals will be no problem for you. You got this!