Tuesday, January 14, 2014

More Meal Ideas for Lazy People

It appears I am in good company with plenty of fellow lazy at-home chefs. Glad to know I'm not the only underachiever in the kitchen!

Coming from the perspective of someone who was 75lbs overweight, I'm all too familiar with all the excuses that enable poor eating habits. Mostly because it still requires a conscious effort to not give the same excuses I was making at my highest weight. 

Basically, I just want to show that you don't have to be a foodie or a chef or have four hours a week dedicated to meal-planning. You don't have to make an elaborate day-by-day meal plan (but props if you're that organized!) and you don't need to spend $100 a week to eat well. I think the meal below cost about $14 total (and that's not taking into account my BOGO chicken deal), so only a little over $2/serving!

[Apologies in advance for the food photos to come. A food photographer, I am not.]

Here's a SUPER simple meal I cooked up on Saturday and will be eating all week:

Lazy Girl's Chicken Teriyaki

1.5- 1.75lbs of chicken breast
Stir fry veggies (can buy frozen or fresh-- there are pre mixed bags of both. Mine had small noodles in it, too)
Teriyaki sauce
Hoisin sauce
Soy sauce
Olive oil
Optional: Lemon pepper seasoning

Cube your chicken and dust it in the lemon pepper seasoning. Drizzle a small amount of olive oil into a large sauté pan and add chicken. Saute chicken until it is cooked through. Add stir fry veggies and leave on heat until veggies are heated through (mine took about 5-7 minutes). My veggies came with a packet of teriyaki sauce, or you can add your own (about half a cup). With the chicken, I needed a bit more sauce so I added a few glugs (yes, this is a unit of measurement) of soy sauce and a tablespoon of hoisin. Stir until everything is mixed and serve!

As you can see, I prefer to set up my non-matching tupperware so I can just portion it out as soon as it cools a bit. Six meals ready to go-- easy peasy! Literally 30 minutes from fridge to plate. 

Nutritional Stats: My stir fry veggies (with sauce) should've made 8 servings, but as you can see, I made my servings slightly larger. With 5.3 oz of veggies and 4.3 oz of chicken, each meal clocks in at 321 calories, or about 8PP. If my stir fry mix didn't have noodles, I would've served this over half a cup of brown rice.

What are your go-to lazy meals?


  1. I love that everything you make is something easy that I could see myself making. I appreciate you sharing the knowledge you've picked up along the way.

  2. Oh that looks and sounds yummy! If it has more than 10 ingredients then I usually skip it, so you've done well with listing this for me! LOL