Friday, January 10, 2014

Fab Friday

Despite having a snow day on Monday (our office was closed due to the extreme cold), this week seemed a little long, no? Well, we made it! Let's start this weekend off right:

Now that I binge-watched all of Scandal and Orange is the New Black over the holidays, I've moved on to... re-watching House of Cards. Season Two comes out on Valentines Day (SORRY BOYS LOL), and I just can't get enough of Kevin Spacey's ruthlessness or Robin Wright's ferocious wardrobe. I think I lived on Capitol Hill in another life, so this is my fix.

Jillian has been kicking my butt for almost a month. But not consistently because I had to take a break to eat lots of cookies when I was at home for Christmas. And while I notice differences in my strength, I haven't really be seeing physical changes (likely due to the aforementioned cookies...). 

UNTIL NOW... I spy some teeny tiny baby guns! You win, JM, you win. I will continue to tolerate your abuse in the name of the gun show.

Yesterday I learned that the treadmill is my nemesis. I'm able to run 3 miles outside at a 10:00-10:15 pace without too much difficulty, yet I struggled to hold a 6.0 pace on the dreadmill for more than 5 minutes. WHY? It makes me worried for upcoming half marathon training because lawd knows I'll be doing running indoors if there's ice/snow on the sidewalks. Any tips for a treadmill rookie?

Anyone have any book recos? I finished the last book in the Divergent series and I haven't picked up another book since. This weather has me wanting to cozy up with a good book and hibernate for the next 3 months. But I'll settle for just the book part :)

My college roommate is coming to visit Chicago in two weeks! My other college roommate lives in Chicago, but the three of us haven't been reunited since [GASP] we graduated college! I absolutely cannot wait to show her Chicago and spend a weekend being a tourist in my own city. And the fact that her visit intersects with Restaurant Week is just icing on the chocolate cake.

The last time we were all together on graduation day in 2011! Whoa.
We'll definitely need a new one :) 

Happy Friday!

Have any book recos or treadmill tips?


  1. oooooo so many guns jokes, I don't know where to start, something about sick swans or puppies and vets? I digress, the point is well done, that's awesome!

    Also the I find the opposite witht the treadmill, I find it so much easier to maintain a 10min pace on the treadmill but really struggle to replicate outside!

    Also are you after a good book or a goooood book, ie something that isn't going to be winning any awards but is highly enjoyable?

    And woo for hanging out with Uni friends!

  2. I'm planning on reading the divergent series! I actually heard about it from your blog a few weeks ago I believe. I just read "The Fault In Our Stars" which was so good but a tear jerker at the end!

  3. Your dress at graduation is beautiful, but you're right, you'll need a new photo.

    I've never been to Chicago, but definitely need to make the trip sometime! :) What is restaurant week?

  4. Look at you rockstar. Anyone that can stay on that darn treadmill longer than 5 min is a rockstar. I hate it, reason #254 why I don't own one nor do I have a gym membership. There's just something about running outside in all elements that makes you feel badass. HA!

  5. So many book suggestions:
    The Alchemist
    Bel Canto (loveeee!!)
    Salvage the Bones

    Also - you look awesome! Get it girrrll!!

  6. 6.0 is not equal to 10:00 - 10:15 pace ma'am. It's more like 9:50. Maybe that's why. If you are struggling I would start running at 5.5.

  7. Hmm no dreadmill suggestions (me and my poor balance is TERRIFIED of treadmills. I'll stick to my elliptical. :)

    What kind of books do you like? I'm currently reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King and also the Walking Dead comics... I'm *thinking* giving Gillian Flynn another try and reading Dark Places. I think Gone Girl may have ruined me off her books. (And that's not to say it isn't a good read.. I LOVED reading that book. Quite the page turner, but then the ending.... Kinda like how the last and final episode of Dexter ruined the entire series for me. I dunno yet. /sigh

  8. I actually love the treadmill, I know I"m a total freak :) I do it by changing things every couple of minutes. So either elevation or speed, it makes it a lot more interesting and usually makes me work harder!