Thursday, December 5, 2013

Off the Scale

I didn't weigh in yesterday, because a) my scale's batteries are dead (convenient post-Thanksgiving, no?) and b) I didn't feel a need to confirm what I already know. Plus I ate a 10oz steak on Tuesday night so obviously I was bound to be up 10oz. :)

NEVERMIND the creme brûlée. Oh, the creme brûlée. A bunch of my girlfriends and I had a girls' night out at a steakhouse. Most of our meals out consist of appetizers or brunch, so I proposed we branch out and get some red meat and red wine. It was positively glorious. So glorious that the shot above is the only photo I took because I was too busy inhaling everything in sight. Unapologetically.


1) Apart from eating roughly 38429 calories at the steakhouse, I've been pretty on par with my eating this week. I didn't grocery shop after I got back into the city after Thanksgiving because ain't nobody got time fo dat. I've been making good use of my turkey taco chili leftovers for lunches and dinners. I also tried Starbucks' "Perfect Oatmeal" when I had to commute to the 'burbs for work on Tuesday, and I avoided the nuts and only topped it with brown sugar. Verdict: so good! But I'll probably stick with my 5 packets for $1 BetterOats because I'm cheap and they're lower cal.

Look at that post run glow! I mean, my face basically matches my shirt.
2) I FINALLY WENT FOR A RUN! It's been almost a month since my last real run, due to pesky achilles tendinitis issues. I actually wasn't planning on running after work yesterday, but I started to get ready for an at-home arm workout and decided to give running a try. Still dealing with a little right achilles soreness, but I was able to knock out 3 miles without too much pain. I'm still going to take it easy and only run 2-3x a week while I work back into it. Certainly not my best time, but I'm pretty happy I was able to get 3 miles in. I feel like a weirdo/running imposter/that girl… but I really did miss running! Old Carolyn is totally side-eyeing me for saying that. But running is one of the only times where I can completely decompress and have some alone time, not to mention, it's a great calorie burn.

What NSVs are you celebrating this week?


  1. mmmmmmm steak! Excuse me whist I wipe the drool off my keyboard :/
    Meh old Carolyn will get over it she doesn't know what she's missing!

  2. OHHHH...I just love steak. Great job on the run girlie!

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on your first run in a month. I always love reading about runners just "knocking out x miles". Did you ever think you would be one of those people in the beginning? Because I surely can't imagine being one of those people haha.

  4. I read the first part as 100oz steak and was like what the heck?!? haha!

    Good job on the impromptu run!