Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 In Review

Friends, it's been quite a year. It's crazy to think that I'm finishing out 2013 nearly 50lbs lighter than where I started it. Two new jobs, over 500 miles of running, trips to Nashville/Ireland/LA/Cleveland, and one half marathon later, here we are at the conclusion of one chapter and the start of the next.

But before leaving 2013 behind, I'm looking back on my favorite memories and milestones:

January - Rang in 2013 with my friends at the Hard Rock Cafe. Officially hit 20lbs lost. 

February - Ate my face off during Chicago Restaurant Week at ZED451, Spiaggia, and Sable. Purchased tickets for Ireland in July. Got interviewed for an article in USA Today (college edition)

March - Started running again for the first time since December '12. Hit 30lbs lost, started this ol' blog, and left the 200's behind for good!

April - Realized that I didn't completely hate running. Ran a lot, including conquering 6 miles for the first time ever. Became a crazy person and started contemplating running a half marathon. Worked a lot on a very fun project with an awesome client. Went on a Grouper (HAHAHA). Entertained the parents during their visit to the Windy City with jellyfish, Brazilian steakhouses, and the Blue Man Group. 

May - Ran the Cinco de Miler without stopping to walk (a big feat for me!). Kicked some serious ass at our first kickball game. Officially crossed the 40lbs lost mark. Turned 24 and never looked back.

June - Got laid off. Was sad about it for exactly 20 seconds. Signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon (coping mechanism?). Hit 50lbs lost.

July - Attended my friend's wedding in Nashville. Got offered a new contract job 2 hours before leaving for Ireland for a week with my best friend in Chicago. Went to Ireland and revisited some of my old haunts from studying abroad there, explored some new cities I hadn't previously visited, and found good craic (good fun) throughout the Emerald Isle.

August - Started my new contract job. Worked, trained for the half, rinse, repeat.

September - Welcomed the entire famjam to Chicago so 3/5 of us could partake in the long-awaited (but much-feared) Chicago Half Marathon! Promptly retired my running career... for three weeks before running the Crosstown Classic with friends. Went to LA for work and met the cast of ABC's Shark Tank.

October - Visited my best friend in North Carolina to go wedding dress shopping (!!) for her big day next October. Hit 60lbs lost. Had a revelation about why I started this journey and what it means to me. 

November - Ran the Hot Chocolate 15K and gorged on chocolate before taking a little running hiatus due to Achilles tendinitis issues. Celebrated Sam's 25th with Ugly Sweaters and walking a chilly 5K

December - Cleaned my bathroom mirror (lol). Hosted a really fun Blogger Secret Santa with one of my blogging BFFs. Started my new job (!!!). Celebrated Christmas in Charlotte thankful for such an exciting/whirlwind/chaotic year, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year?


  1. Carolyn,
    Loved this post as it shows you've come! You are truly an inspiration and I wish you the best in 2014 :)

  2. Seriously, lady--what an incredible year! Hope that even as fantastic as 2013 was for you, 2014 just blows it straight outta the water :) Happy New Year to my fave blog bff!

  3. So proud of you! You my dear girl are amazing.

  4. Loved getting to read all about your 2013 in one post and see some of your great transformation pictures. You've accomplished so much in 2013. I wish you the best in 2014!