Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIFriday and Downward Dog Epiphanies

This is my 100th post! Time flies, huh? 

On with the show!


Holy moses I am sore from yoga yesterday. But when I wasn't experiencing the unique pain of salty sweat beads pouring into my eyes during my sad excuse of a downward dog, I had an epiphany. Backstory: when I bought this Groupon for a month of unlimited yoga, my thought process was basically: "Psh this will be sahooo good for releasing the stress in my muscles and I can't wait for some pigeon pose and I'm just going to be flexy and bendy and awesome. Bring it on!" 

The epiphany is: I'm bad at yoga. And that's okay! I think when running became anything less than pure torture to me, I somewhere along the line started to assume that, because I "conquered" running, I also developed superpowers at, oh, everything else athletic? WRONGO. So I am humbly accepting my position [literally and figuratively] as the worst yogi in the room, and going to spend the next month working on it. Starting with an actual beginner class tomorrow. Namaste biatches.


Oh yeah. So while I was going stir crazy on the couch earlier this week thanks to the strep plague, I maybe threw my name in the lottery for the Nike Women's Half Marathon DC 2014! I'd been mulling over signing up for a destination half marathon next year, and I finally took the plunge. My fate is now in the hands of the race gods, who will let me know whether I got a spot or not on December 6th. If so, I'll be DC-bound to tear up 13.1 miles of fun in our nation's capitol on 4/27/14. DC or bust!


The only plans I have for this weekend are to go birthday dress shopping with my friend (her bday is next week) and to meet up with a college friend for dinner. No early runs! No races! Nothing else! A <mostly> commitment-free weekend makes me happy in ways only Shannon can appreciate. This girl definitely needs some R&R. And by that, I mean I'm ready to finish Insurgent and dive straight into Allegiant. 


Look who still hasn't cleaned her mirror but isn't letting that stop her from taking shameless selfies!? I've had this sweater and it used to be tiiiight. Old clothing validation is the best kind of validation. And BTW these black pants might be the most comfortable pants I own. Target, FTW. (No Target doesn't pay me for the amount of promotion I give them. But they should.)


I'm up to something sneaky for the holidays with one of my blogger bffs Mary from Babble + Bloom! First of all, you should check her out because she's one of my absolute favorites and she's always making impressive life lists and paleo recipes that even make this cheese-lover consider making the jump (at least for one meal). Second of all, stay tuned for details :)

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. Ha ha I love it! I can run and do anything!!!! Ok so if you're up for dc you need to sign up for Chicago 2014!!! Come on please pretty please. Lol. I hope you feel back to 100% ASAP

  2. Your selfie is perfect! :) Weekend for me is usually a family time. Nothing much to do just try to spend some quality time together. Hope your weekend is great.

  3. GIRL! Thanks for the shout-out & love this little sneaky preview. Be expecting a giant excited email in your inbox from me as soon as I finish this dumb last grad school paper of mine-- hopefully tomorrow, Monday at the latest ;)

  4. GOOD FOR YOU! I love lazy weekends! Today? I'm doing laundry, folding laundry and watching TV. Boom. Awesome.

    You make me laugh out loud during all your entires. You're awesome.

    PS, that half looks awesome!

  5. Lazy weekends are the best, hands down! My plans for this weekend included a chiropractor appointment, grocery shopping, a Miche bag party, and reading The Book Thief. Nothing too crazy but just enough going on so I'm not a complete bum. Oh and it's a 3-day weekend for me thanks to Veterans Day tomorrow. Definitely looking forward to turning off my alarm tonight.

    You are rocking that sweater girl! I'm holding on to some old clothes for that reason...I can't wait until I try something on that was too tight before. I'll probably take a million selfies when that happens.

  6. A destination half?? Love it! I hope you get it- how awesome to race in DC :)

    I agree about old clothes being the best validation.. now I just need to get on it before I too embarrassed to pull out any of my old clothes! HA!

    Hope you had a great lazy weekend!

  7. Holy moses I am sore from yoga yesterday. But when I wasn't experiencing the unique pain of salty sweat beads pouring into my eyes during my sad excuse of a downward dog, male dog names