Monday, November 11, 2013


Much to my dismay, I did not blossom into a dainty flexy yogi princess after enduring three whole yoga classes. Who knew extended stretching in a heated room could be so dang hard?!

On the plus side, I've been to two classes by the same instructor, and I actually really do enjoy them. Despite usually being the most inexperienced person in the room, I've gotten really helpful corrections, and I can already see improvement in my chaturanga sequence. Maybe it's the sun salutations talking, but for it being a Monday night, I'm in a shockingly good mood. I think maybe they spike the incense.


So last week's strepisode (I'm trademarking that) put a serious cramp in my lifestyle. I didn't grocery shop mostly because I sustained myself on orange sherbet (pronounced SHER-bert always and forever) and Campbell's soup. Once I did feel better, my lacking pantry meant I ate out most meals last week. And then I wonder why I'm not losing weight. Sigh, will I ever learn?

On that note...

1) Back on the wagon. Even though I wanted to be a whiney lazy baby on Sunday night because a) it was cold and b) The Amazing Race was on, I forced myself to go grocery shopping. Oh, adulthood. I've got all the goods to make some healthy recipes this week, which I fully plan on doing. No eating out at lunch! Except on Friday when my office orders in. 

2) Get in five workouts. We got our first snow in Chicago today, meaning motivation to leave my bed/couch is at an all-time low. Luckily I conned myself into yoga tonight (if only because I knew the studio would be warmer than we keep our apartment…), so that's one workout down. I've got a 5K fun run this weekend, so my plan is to get in at least two runs and hopefully two more yoga classes this week. 

3) No more candy. I honestly don't even really have a sweet tooth, but I am powerless to resist the office candy bowl. Our secretary allegedly didn't get as many trick-or-treaters as she expected, so she's unloaded her candy stash upon us. I hereby swear that I will not take another piece of candy outta that bowl. 

What are your goals this week?


  1. I'm convinced that being an adult and actually behaving like a grown-up who is responsible is one of the worst things ever!!!! It's such a hassle, buying food, preparing food, exercising ect ect no one warns you that being an adult isn't all about along dens in the living room and getting to stay up late, I feel conned!

  2. I'm back on the wagon again this week too. Gotta get back on track!

  3. I also hate grocery shopping. Definitely an "adult" activity I do not enjoy. I do notice though, that when I don't have groceries in my house, I eat like crap. Ugh. Why can't chips be good for you? ;)

  4. First of all, I am so glad to hear that you're feeling better! Next I love that you have a plan to not eat out except the one day your office orders in. You're making your goals livable. I would hate to be the only one not ordering in. And everything in moderation, right? I think you should drag me with you when you work out. My motivation to work out is at an all time low lately.

    Best of luck reaching your goals! I know you can do this!