Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Woof

I woke up this morning with strep. Nothing like kicking off the week with a sobfest in the doctor's office at the Minute Clinic because you can't even swallow your own saliva! I rarely get sick, and this came on SO suddenly (took a nap post-race yesterday afternoon, and woke up with a sore throat). Thankfully, I think the meds are finally kicking in and I'm hopefully on the road to recovery.

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Onto happier things! Yesterday (Sunday) was the famed Chicago Hot Chocolate 5K/15K! I went out Saturday night to an Instagram meetup (the drink of choice was straight water for this gal) with a bunch of really fun ladies I've been talking to through IG for awhile. It was so much fun to meet everyone, but I wish I could've stayed out later with them! I called it a night around 10pm so I could get a solid night of sleep before the race.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I legitimately considered switching from the 15K to the 5K. I just wasn't feeling too hot (foreshadowing, maybe?) and woke up with a headache. Still, my roommate and I headed downtown to meet up with our other friend. It was SO INSANE. It's interesting to run races in such a big city because even "small" races are still a few thousand people. But Hot Chocolate was just crazy. I think I read that there were over 50,000 participants this year! We made our way to our corral and were off!

It really was a perfect day for a race! Slightly warmer than I expected, but clear skies and not windy at all. The first mile or so of the course wound through lower Wacker (tunnels below the city), which made the time pass pretty quickly. By the time we got to the 5K/15K course split I was realllllllly thinking about cutting over into the 5K group. But I somehow convinced myself to stick with it. We headed south on Michigan Ave. until about mile 5, and it started to get a little boring as the crowds thinned out. Aside from some toes falling asleep issues, I felt pretty good through the second half of the race. Surprisingly, there were a lot of small hills in the second half (unheard of in Chicago!) and a lot of runners around me were walking. I told myself that I HAD to run up the hills, and I could walk for a few seconds at the top if I wanted to. That challenge kept me trucking, and soon the finish line was in sight! 15K in 1:37:32, about a 10:28 pace. Not the pace I was shooting for, but I'll take it!

PS - The chocolate at the end of the race was SO good, but I'm not a huge sweets-eater so I felt kinda sick after I stuffed my face (oops). My roommate and I decided we want to start a wine and cheese fondue race for the other salty-snacking runners :)

Goals are going to be pretty brief this week while I try to get back to 100% from the strep. Hoping for a speedy recovery so I can get back to it!

1) Yoga. I bought a Groupon for a month of unlimited hot yoga (the studio has non-hot classes too) and I'm hoping I'll feel up to it later in the week! I haven't done yoga in awhile so I'm excited to try out this studio. I think yoga will be a good complement to my running, so here's hoping it works out.

2) Hydrate. The whole swollen tonsils thing is killing me because I've been so hungry and thirsty but can't really do anything about it. My throat is finally starting to feel a little better, so hopefully hydrating will get me back to 100% faster.

3) Sleep. Minimum of 7 hours a night, preferably 8. Time to buckle down on bedtime.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Great job sticking with the longer race- and on top of getting sick too- you're a machine!! Great job, and I hope you feel better quick :)


  2. Great job doing the 15 vs the 5. Girl you're awesome!!! So awesome to talk to you for a min. Wish it was longer:(

  3. Feel better!! Great job on your run!!

  4. Great job pushing through the 15k when you didn't feel well. Strep is the worst! Hope you're feeling much better!

  5. Congrats on the race. Even if it wasn't the pace you were shooting for you still finished and did a great job!

    So sorry to hear about the strep. I have it once and it was horrible! Hope you feel better soon.