Tuesday, November 19, 2013


After my one-year fitnasty-versay last week, I posted this picture on Facebook and HOLY FREAKIN' COW to say I was blown away by everyone's likes and comments would be an understatement.

I am selective about what I share with the blog-world versus with the real world, but I threw caution to the wind and shared that baby with the general public. It's a weird and vulnerable thing to admit to making such a big change, especially when, as I've said before, I didn't have poor self esteem at my highest weight. But a one-year anniversary seemed as good a time as any to "announce" the progress I've made. So, to everyone—blog friends and real-life friends—who left me such sweet words, thank you!!

With a big announcement came a lot of questions, so I figure I'll tackle them as best I can. And insert disclaimer here about how I am certainly no health/fitness expert, I just know what's worked for me.

What made you decide to change?
Losing weight has always been in the back of my mind since, oh, elementary school. I finally realized that I was tired of making excuses and letting my weight creep up. I knew easier for me to make a change now than it would be 10 years from now. My a-ha moment came when I saw the photo on the left, above. And also this one:

My highest weight was about 20lbs higher than I wanted to admit, and I even debated using my fake "starting weight" (212) instead of my real starting weight (228). Because lying to myself had worked so well for me in the past (HAH). I was done trying to deceive myself that 7-11 sandwiches were healthy and that running for 15 minutes twice a week was keeping my weight gain at bay. 

How do you stay motivated?
The short answer? I don't. I stay disciplined.

The long answer? 

Do I indulge? Uh, yeah. Do I mess up? Yep! But I've learned that healthy decisions don't have to feel like I'm depriving myself of unhealthy favorites. I don't need cookies just because they're in the office, and I don't "deserve" to eat bad foods just because it's rainy/I'm PMSing/it's the weekend/I want them. Seeing consistent results has made it easier for me to stick with a plan, even at the times I don't want to. 

What made you stick with it [this time]?
See above. It's not about motivation to hit a dress size, to be in shape for an event, to prove to someone else that I can do it. It's about being disciplined enough to want this for myself, because I deserve to be happy and healthy and confident. Period.

What's your goal?
Taking into account my height and body type, I think 150lbs is a reasonable goal (my doctor agrees). Basically, I want to be at a weight I can maintain while still living a life (food and exercise-wise) that I can enjoy.

What are your tips for someone who wants to lose weight?
Be honest about what and how much you are eating. Keep a food journal and write down everything!

Start integrating more fruits and veggies into your diet. Instead of pretzels for a snack, have some carrots and hummus. Instead of chocolate, have an apple and peanut butter. 

Entire cucumber = standard snack.
Yes, my coworkers think I'm weird.
Just because you mess up, doesn't mean the whole day/week/month is ruined. It's like accidentally dropping your cell phone and chipping it, and then smashing the whole damn thing with a sledgehammer.

Figure out what type of exercising you like and stick with it! If you hate pilates, try zumba. If you're an uncoordinated bumbling fool who can't follow choreography to save her life (spoiler alert: that's me),  try running. Don't like running? Try swimming, elliptical, biking, etc.

Drink enough water! 

If you can't trust yourself around certain foods, DO NOT BUY THEM. This is the reason I don't buy: Naan, Stacy's Pita Chips, Nutella, cheese cubes. 

What do you think about Weight Watchers?
I wouldn't be where I am now without it! WW makes it easy for anyone to easily track their food on a daily basis. It takes the guesswork out of tracking foods by simplifying everything down to a points system. If you are honest and accountable to the program, it will work.

Do you go to meetings?
Nope. I'm a WW-online member. I track every single thing I eat using the app. 

Isn't tracking annoying?
For some people, yeah. For me, it's the only way I can be honest and accountable with what I'm eating. I still listen to my body and eat if I'm hungry and already out of points for the day, but tracking helps me stay within a healthy range. It probably takes me 3-5 total minutes a day. 

How do you eat so healthy?
I plan ahead as much as I can. I cook at home so I know exactly what goes into my meals, and I know what to eat at my favorite restaurants to stay within my points. Honestly, I eat a lot of the same foods all the time. On a day when I'm planning an indulgent dinner, I'll make sure breakfast and lunch are really healthy. If I'm going to a restaurant,  a lot of times I pick out what I'm going to eat by looking at the menu online beforehand. 

Do you ever cheat?
If eating the occasional mozzarella stick is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

What helps you stay on track? Have any other questions for me?


  1. I do pretty much all of the same things. Also, cucumber? LOVE IT.

    Your comment on discipline? Nailed it. That's exactly what's kept me on track. :)

  2. Love this post! Thanks for sharing your wisdom as always!

    Love love love the motivation vs discipline thing! Right now I have neither. I need to find me some discipline ASAP!

  3. Amazing post! Love the discipline part! Oh so true! Keep kicking ass girlfriend!

  4. Carolyn, I find you endlessly inspiring! Thank you for reminding those of us who are on this path that change is possible. Simple and small changes make a BIG difference.