Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So Close and Hair Dilemmas

Weigh In Wedneday

Last Week's Weight: 171.8 
Current Weight: 170.4
Change: -1.4
Total Loss: 57.6


So close to the 160s!

...Yet so far away.

In other news, I'm chipping away at the 18-20 mile goal I set for myself this week. If I'm planning on running a 15K the first weekend of November, I've gotta re-acclimate to a higher weekly milage (20ish) than I've been doing the past few weeks (12-15ish). The plan is to do a 7-miler this weekend, 8 next, 9 the week after, and then taper. Fingers crossed all goes well!

Also, WW is being rude and pulled this move on me after my successful weigh-in:


I'm going to stick with my gameplan from the last 2ish months of tracking on both WW and MFP. This approach, I'm hoping, will help "wean" me off WW as I approach my goal. Though, to be honest, I kinda wanna just drop WW. Here's my beef of the week: I went to track a 360-calorie egg salad sandwich from Pret a Manger that I grabbed for a quick dinner the other night. WW tried to tell me that bad boy was 14 FREAKING POINTS. I entered the nutritional info manually and found it was "only" 11PP. Uh yeah, WW, tryna make me spend HALF my daily points on a <400 calorie sandwich? I don't think so. So, that was annoying.

Anyway, I need your help for an issue completely unrelated to weight loss but that is, what should I do to my hair?

This is me now, in all my mangy glory:

For the record, my hair is not this straight naturally. 

Should I keep it long? This is the longest its ever been in my life ever.

Should I chop it like this? 

PS Those are both January Jones' beautiful locks.

Decisions, decisions. HALP!


  1. firstly well done on the loss, wooop!
    Secondly I have broken up with ww and swittched to mfp completely.
    Lastly I usually find long hair lower maintainance and as I'm super lazy that's what I plump for. However, I think the bob looks great (i think it's tee same cut styled differently).

  2. Um, jealous of your weight loss. SEND SOME MAGIC MY WAY! ;)

    I broke up with WW and never looked back. MFP for life!

    Maybe you should try just cutting it up to your shoulders? Easier to style, can still put it in a pony and will speed up the routine! :) Your bangs are long, so it would work! Also, if you have body, cut #1 would be gorgeous on you! :)

  3. I love your long hair, I am currently growing mine out. I like the bob look on you though.

    Great loss! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Awesome loss this week! You are doing great! I just cut my hair and I love it shoulder length. Plus I think it weighs down my face when I keep it too long. So I'm gonna say shorter do!

  5. Im at the 57 pound loss mark too :) Cheers to hitting 60 baby!!! And I started on WW but have since moved to MFP - I like it so much better!

  6. You've done awesome on your journey. Congrats. I've been logging with WW and MFP too. Part of me wants to cancel WW online but part of me says no I need to stick with it for a while longer. IDK. It's funny that you mentioned your hair. I was just asking the people I work with what I should do with mine. Currently it's about shoulder length, but all of my layers have grown out and it has zero volume and just lays flat. Drive's me crazy. I'm thinking of doing something crazy and just chopping it off really short. I've always wanted to try it and I think I've found a cut that I really like. So I made my appointment (Oct 30th) and if I don't chicken out, I'm going really short with mine. You do have really pretty hair. I say maybe just a couple of inches off and lots of layers. I think that would be pretty. But I like the shorter lengths too. So what ever you decide will be great I'm sure.... good luck... if you are like me the hardest part is just deciding on something. I'm very indecisive when it comes to my