Monday, October 21, 2013

Feelin' Groovy

Apologies for last week's radio silence! It's been a crazy few weeks at work and in life, so I just needed a week to recalibrate.

First of all, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS shout out is in order to my fabulous link-up co-host, Amy, who just completed her first half marathon!! What a woman! AND she completed those 13.1 miles on the beastly hills of San Francisco, no less. Seriously, go congratulate her because she makes me feel like a sissy girl for complaining about the only hill of the Chicago Half which was a freeway on/off ramp.

It's been far too long! Here are my goals for the week:

1) Track Everything. I didn't think I would need to make this a goal, but I became a lazy mclazerson last week and glazed over 3 days of WW tracking (I did still track on MFP though!). Is this a sign that WW's days are numbered? Time will tell.

2) Make my Physical Appointment. Is it weird that I'm actually excited to go see my doctor? At my last physical I weighed in at 228lbs. During my appointment last November, my doctor suggested Weight Watchers, and two weeks later, I finally took the plunge. I can't wait to show her my progress!

3) Sleep Schedule. I had a minor cold last week, so thanks to the magic of Nyquil, my sleep schedule was gloriously messy. The goal this week is to get back to normal: 11pm bedtime on the nights before morning runs (Mon, Tue, Wed night), and midnight on my non-run nights (Sun/Thurs). 

4) Running. I have a 15K in two weeks, soooo I'm slightly nervous about that considering I've not run that distance (9.3 miles) since my half marathon in early September. Luckily I got a 9-miler under my belt yesterday, which has somewhat assuaged my nerves. But I want to tackle this 15K feeling strong, which means pushing for this week before I semi-taper next week. The plan is 4, 5, 3, 9 or 10, 3 miles, for total mileage of 24-25 miles. I've also been experimenting with running fartleks, which I think is actually helping my speed! If anyone has a more regimented speed-training program, I'd love to hear about it.

What are your goals this week?


  1. Running Fartleks, I'm sorry, sounds hilarious. I immediately thought of running and farting for some reason and I flat out giggled in my office. Please explain to me what this is, as I'm sure it's not what I think it is!

    I've never in my life run 9 miles, so you woman, ROCK.

    1. If it helps my head went to the exact same place re: fartleks!

  2. Good luck on your run!! I love the word assuaged, and I love that you used it :) haha Im such a nerd :)

  3. Sounds like you're on your way to rocking that 15k. Look forward to reading about it.

  4. I've had the flu and a chesty thing and started back walking just this week. Now I have a sore foot and my progressing to becoming a runner is on hold till I get this sorted. I'm so disappointed. I want to run!

  5. I despise hills but I'm told if I want to lose weight while running I need to find some. Good luck on your 15K. My new goal this week is to plan a Menu for next week.

  6. Good luck with your 15K, looking forward to reading all about it :)