Monday, September 9, 2013

Post-Marathon Goals

How was everyone's weekend? I know for many (myself included!) the weekends can throw you off of your game when it comes to health and fitness goals. So whether you're looking to start the week fresh or keep up the healthy momentum, I hope you'll join Amy and me for our Weekly Goals Linkup Party!

PS- Starting today (!!), Amy's hosting a Ripped in 30 challenge with the awesomely terrifying Jillian Michaels. If you're less of a pansy than I am, join her here

First, last week:

1) Hydration Nation - 100oz/day. CHECK.

2) Clean my dang apartment. [mostly] CHECK.

Following yesterday's half marathon (recap here!), my goals this week are going to be a little less aggressive than normal. I know I'm going to have to give my body a few days to recover, but then I'm back at it! Here's what I'm aiming for:

1) Arm training 3+ times. I mean, I don't have an excuse for blowing this off. My arms are my only body parts not currently aching.

2) Focus on food. Now that I'm no longer in the throes of a rigorous running plan, I need scale my calories back a bit. After Bottomless Tuesday**, I plan on being very strictly back on WW. Time to kick these last 23lbs to the curb!

**Bottomless ___day is the name for two days after my long run when I want to EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. It's funny because I don't usually have a raging appetite on the day of my long run, but two days later I am seriously a whiney cranky ravenous beast. Delayed onset hunger, maybe? While training, my long runs were always on Saturday, which meant that Bottomless Monday was a weekly occurrence. I could eat a mid-morning snack and a 400+ calorie lunch and have a growling starving stomach an hour later. Because the half marathon was on Sunday, I expect Bottomless Tuesday to be in full effect. 

3) Find my "new normal." I'd like to mix up my fitness regimen with something other than running (although running will still be a major component-- more on that later this week). There's a gym nearby that offers a free week of classes for non-members, including a barre-based class, which I've been dying to try! I plan on starting my free week on Wed/Thur, when I'm feeling recovered enough to start abusing myself again.

What are your goals this week? Link up with us and share!


  1. They've been talking about bringing barre classes to the community center for a while, but no progress yet! That is so interesting about the delayed hunger you noticed! Kind of like how they say the sleep you got two nights ago determines how awake you feel today!

  2. You should totally do the Ripped in 30! 20 minute workouts are da BOMB. ;) Not...

  3. I am still so impressed with your race time! Amazing job:)

    Your goals look good for this week too. I feel you on the runger.. I get that way after long runs too.

    I nominated you for a sunshine award, by the way :)