Monday, September 23, 2013

Phoning It In.

Guys. I'm phoning it in today. I've been swamped between work + life + traveling last week + family in town last weekend + life. I promise a more gratuitous update and to get back on a normal schedule soon! Until then, a quick check-in with some goals for the week:

1) Five workouts. Bold? Yes. But last week I only made three of my targeted four. I actually did a double-header today (ran 4 miles this morning and did a barre class after work). I'm doing a freebie week at a nearby studio to test it out before deciding if I want to join or not. Spoiler alert: I already decided I won't be joining (THEY DON'T HAVE SHOWERS?!?!). But that won't stop me from getting to at least one more class before next Monday.

2) Healthy Eats. I basically skipped grocery shopping last week because I knew I'd be traveling. But yesterday I stocked up on some groceries so that I can be good and stick within my calorie/WW range all week. 

3) 10K. I'm running Chicago's Crosstown Classic 10K this weekend, which pits the northsiders against the southsiders in a race to prove who's faster. The race only tabulates the top 1,000 for each side, with the average finishing time from those top 1,000 determining which side is faster. If I can manage a sub 10:00/mile average (finishing in <1:02) I'd be pretty ecstatic. 

That's all I got. I'm aiming to get back to more normal posting by mid-week!

What are your goals this week?


  1. Sub 1 hour 10K would be AWESOME! My first 10K, I was in at 1:15 and I was ecstatic! YOU GOT THIS! :)

  2. What a fun race!! Tell me about the barre? Other than not having showers did you like it?