Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Goals

Happy Monday, friends!

I have to say, this weekend was absolute perfection in Chicago. And not just because it finally feels like Fall (my favorite season). I went to bed early on Friday, mostly out of habit from having my long runs on Saturday morning, but also because I'm freakin' tired come Friday night and just really enjoy going to bed around 11ish. I'm 24 goin' on 64, I tell ya.

Anyway, Saturday was spent catching up with a college friend at Little Goat for brunch. Little Goat is a diner from Chef Stephanie Izard, who upset Richard Blais to be crowned Top Chef (Season 3). She's pretty famous in Chicago for Girl and the Goat, her first restaurant here that's "new american" style. I love Chicago, but man it is hard to eat healthy here with so many unhealthy options at all times.

Brunch was delicious, and then my friend and I went shopping. I was feeling delusional so I tried on size 10 pants at LOFT and THEY ALL FIT ME. Yet, I bought none of them. I made a deal with myself that I can't shop until I hit 60lbs lost. I'd hate to buy $40 pants and have them not fit me in 10lbs. Speaking of, I cleaned out my closet on Sunday and realized that many of my favorite fall clothing pieces no longer fit me. #weightlossproblems

...I just realized I lied about the shopping thing because I bought myself some spankin' new running shoes on Sunday!

Old, meet new. So fresh and so clean, clean.
My old shoes (on the left) were obviously well-worn, so it was high time I bought a new pair. Luckily, I have an AWESOME running store 2 blocks from my apartment. I really loved my old Saucony Ride 5's that I got last August, so I started with the Saucony Ride 6's. I loved those, but tried on a few other pairs (Mizuno Enigma and Enigma 2's, Brooks Ghost) just to see if anything felt better. Ended up walking out of the store with the new version of my old favorites. I went on a rainy 4-miler after I got home to break them in. Not only was the foot pain nearly gone, I knocked out 4 miles in 36:48! Is that a PR? I don't know. I should be better about actually tracking these things.

Well, I guess I should come clean about last week.

1) Arm training. Yeah, this didn't happen at all.

2) Focus on food. Actually, very good! I was within my WW points/MFP calories every day, and my sneak peeks at the scale show it moving in the right direction. I actually had dinner plans last week with my old roommate Dana (hi Dana!). She's recently back on the ol' bandwagon for a group weight loss/fitness challenge she's doing with a bunch of friends. Instead of going out to dinner as we normally would, I cooked a healthy dinner for us so we could both stay on track. Bonus: We even had dessert for a dinner/dessert total of <500 calories. 

3) Find my "new normal." I wrote a post on Friday about my post- half marathon goals and game plan, but have yet to put it into effect. I did run 3 times last week, though!

And for this week my goals are:

1) Stay healthy while traveling. I'm going to LA for work this week (literally for 26 hours), but I know the red-eye flight and traveling may tempt me into caving on unhealthy food choices. I WILL RESIST.

Sidebar on the subject of unhealthy food choices: Want to know something really depressing that I learned last week? I've been getting a black iced coffee with pumpkin swirl flavoring from Dunkin' Donuts because I figured since I was nixing the cream and sugar and not getting a latte, it couldn't be that bad. Oh how wrong I was. That sucker (without cream and sugar!) is 230 calories for a large iced coffee. I just died a little inside. 

2) Work out four times. Due to the aforementioned LA excursion, I'm doubtful that I'll be able to try out the free gym classes this week. But still, the goal is 4 workouts. I've got a 10K in two weeks! Also, my arms are still flabby and it bothers me. So it would probably be helpful if I actually, oh, worked out my arms. Yet, for some reason I still avoid arm workouts.

What are your goals for the week? 

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  1. Those are great weekly goals! Can't wait to hear about your weight loss! Hoping you're moving past the plateau too. I HATE PLATEAUS!!!!

    That iced coffee looks delicious.