Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ketchup & Mustard


Hi! It's almost Friday! That deserves exclamation points!

Anyway, linking up with Lex, Ashlee, and KTJ for this week's NSVs. There are three:

1) I ran 12 miles on Saturday and it was awesome. Well, as awesome as running for the entire duration of a full-length movie can be, but still. 

2) I bought some awesome red/burgundy pants at Target last weekend in a 12. I've been hoping to get into a 10 lately, but WHATEVER, I thought the 12 fit fine. Brought those bad boys home and wore them yesterday. By late morning they were so stretched out I had to hike 'em up as high as they'd go just to keep them from looking lumpy. Guess mama's going back to get the 10!

Disregard my Ketchup/Mustard color combo.
I realize it's a normal color combination, but for
some reason I can't help thinking ketchup/mustard.
3) Yesterday one of my new coworkers complimented me on my Katniss hair:

And then I felt like this:

What NSVs are you celebrating this week?


  1. That hair style is ADORABLE!!! Way to go, girl!

  2. Did your Katniss hair come from a website you followed? I'd love to try and do it!

    PS, HOORAY FOR 10s!

    1. It did not, but I'm sure you could find a similar tutorial! I basically just did an inside out french braid starting on the left side behind my ear, and continuing around the bottom of my head to the right side until all of my hair was incorporated. What makes the braid "inside out" is crossing new strands UNDER the hair as you go, rather than over. This makes the braid sit kindof on top of your hair, versus under/within your hair. If that makes any sense at all. Eeeeek I'm terrible at explaining these types of things!

  3. Gorgeous hair and congrats on the 10!!

  4. Your hair is gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my weekly weigh-in post; now I'm lurking :) on your site and I love it. Fantastic blog! Also, you look amazing.

  5. 12 miles?? You are a freaking rock star woman!!!


  6. Whoop whoop!! The pants, the run, the hair, all of it!! You are doing so great and you are such an inspiration!!

  7. Love the Katniss do, and you will be in 10s in no time! Great run! Lovely and wonderful NSV's this week!!