Friday, July 26, 2013

So Long, Farewell

Quickly popping in to give you an update on my morning 8-miler: it was awesome!!

The weather was absolutely perfect for running: low 70's and with a tiny bit of drizzle for the first 3 miles. After yesterday's rest day, I was feeling SO ready this morning. From the very beginning, I knew it'd be a good run. I felt strong, my breathing was smooth, my legs and feet were good to go. 

I found myself consciously trying to slow down a little bit, because I went out around a 10:10 pace for the first mile. As my distance is increasing, I don't want to try to push my pace beyond my comfort zone, because my main concern should be endurance. That said, when I was still cruising and feeling good around mile 6, I knew I could push it for the last two miles. I finished in just shy of 83 minutes, meaning my pace was 10:21/mile, right in my sweet spot of 10:15-10:30.

Look at the calorie burn! That's a lotta Guinness! ;)
Today I fueled with the Clif ShotBloks, which definitely are my favorite method. I tried the margarita flavor this time and wasn't a huge fan of the taste, but they still give me a good burst of energy about 10 minutes after eating them. Though, I think I may need to start eating actual food before long runs. I definitely felt my stomach growling around mile 3. 

But I HOUSED a huge breakfast of an omelette with sautéed mushrooms for breakfast when I got home. Necessary.

Don't judge a book by its cover. This thing was delicious.

With that outta the way, time for my to pack for the motherland. My flight is out of Chicaco at 6:35pm, and I'll be waking up tomorrow morning in Ireland!

But first, a quick announcement about next week. I am so excited to have some of my absolutely favorite bloggers stepping in to guest-blog for me while I'm out of town! Look forward to some great posts about new eating philosophies, staying on track during vacation (relevant!) and finding your own motivation. 

A huge thanks to the lovely ladies who are guest-blogging, and I'll see you all in a week!


  1. Awesome run! Hope you have a blast on your trip!

  2. Congrats on an amazing run! And yes, have a blast, and take lotsa pics! Don't think about us or this blog! Just enjoy!