Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sizing Successes


Checking in for my favorite linkup of the week, Lex, Ashlee, and KTJ's NSV linkup! 

1) My pajama pants are too big. I've had these pants since at LEAST the beginning of college (6 years ago, yikes), and now they're too big. As in, sometimes they fall down even though I try to tie them up tighter. Guess it's time for some new ones?

2) I ran while I was in Nashville! Working out while on vacation (even though I was only in Nashville for 36 hours) is a huge mental block for me. But I knew I had to make it happen in order to get in 4 runs last week. Despite going out and having drinks—mmmm bushwhackers— until 3am on Friday, we woke up at 9am to get in a steamy hill-filled 3-miler on Saturday morning. My calves were screaming!

3) I bought regular sized jeans at Forever 21! When I started this journey, I was wearing a 16 (from their plus size line). I remember feeling SO excited when I sized down to a 14. Now, I'm wearing a size 30 from their regular line! Holy moly!!

My face is in regards to the shirt, which
made me look at least 6 months prego. Bought
these jeans though!
I actually don't completely hate my legs in these white pants.
Now I kinda regret not buying them. 

4) I ran 7 miles last week! I apologize in advance that all of my NSVs in the coming weeks will probably include the week before's long run. But 7 miles was completely new territory for me! Despite 90+ temps and having to stop in a Walgreens for an emergency bathroom break circa mile 4.5, it was actually relatively smooth sailing. Let's just say, I won't be fueling with Clif Gels ever again-- taste was fine, but the texture was pretty freakin nasty. Like eating warm baby food when it's already a million degrees out. I've got 8 miles on the agenda tomorrow and hoping that this week's cooler temps keep me going!

Now please excuse me while I go panic and pack for Ireland tomorrow. Aside from the euros I picked up from the bank today, I'm completely unprepared. I'll be checking in on the blog tomorrow before I leave, with a fun little announcement about next week!

What NSVs are you celebrating this week?


  1. You have done so well! Congrats on all the NSV's. And put a list together for your packing. You'll feel less stressed. :)

  2. Yay! Love buying new clothes. I could only shop in the plus size department at Forever 21 the last time I was there. Maybe I can fit into the regular department soon!

    Love the white pants. You should definitely go back and get them. ;)

    1. Thanks Shannon! Their clothes are SO hit or miss. That white top in the picture was a large (and clearly gigantic). But I tried on another top in a large and didn't even button. Dresses are usually better-- their empire waist with a flowy skirt style is pretty forgiving!

      Uh, now I'm really considering going back for the white ones... DANGER WILL ROBINSON!

  3. Love buying new and smaller clothes! Can't wait to get into the "normal" sizes instead of plus size!

  4. Wahoo on the clothes!! I bet it feels awesome to be out of plus sizes and good for you for running even while out of town!! Whoop whoop!! Have fun in Ireland!!!! Thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. Good for you! You look great in those outfits!

  6. Your legs look so muscular. That's awesome. I kind of sort of dream of buying the next size down for my pants. I haven't bought new pants in so long that I'm not sure of my current size, but I still can't wait for the day!