Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post from Caitlin @ Weights and Measure

Caitlin's a recent newlywed from Canada who hopped on the fit train in an effort to drop about 50lbs. She's a fellow Weight Watcher (woop woop!) who wants to get healthy before she and her hubby try to have some baybehs! Take it away, Caitlin:


Hi! I’m Caitlin from Weights and Measure. I’m super excited to be guest posting for Carolyn today as she’s off gallivanting in Ireland (lucky lady!).

Here’s a little bit about me, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to visit my little piece of the Internet (I hope you’ll stop by soon!).  I’m a 30-yr-old, Canadian, newlywed, working hard to lose some weight and take care of my body so that my husband and I can start a family. I attend Weight Watchers meetings and am working out at the gym (mostly running).  You can find me on Twitter @weights_measure and on Instagram @weightsandmeasure.


I’m not sure about you, but I travel a lot. Sometimes to nearby cities for just a few nights and sometimes cross-continent for conferences and work-related fun. In the summer months, I travel to multiple music festivals (mostly for work) and am often faced with many less-than-healthy food choices, which is challenging when following Weight Watchers (or any nutritional plan).

I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past (it works, that’s why I’ve gone back), but have never been organized enough to get through the summer season and be successful at losing weight. This summer, I’m determined to stay on plan and keep seeing a downward trend on the scale. What’s my key to success? PLANNING.

I have a small collapsible cooler that I’ve been dragging around to festivals and packing for road trips. It’s been a lifesaver. Inside the cooler you’ll find cutlery, plates, cups, bowls and napkins. It’s a picnic paradise.

When planning a weekend away, I plan my meals accordingly:
  •  Eat breakfast at home/hotel/wherever we’re staying
  • Pack my lunch and snacks
  •  Buy my dinner


Breakfast: I’ve been packing my favorite whole grain cereal (Heritage Flakes by Natures Path). I usually have access to a fridge and buy a small carton of milk when I arrive at my destination. Add a few blueberries or raspberries and that’ll keep me full through the entire morning.

Lunch: I’ll pack a salad with protein (chicken, turkey, hardboiled eggs) or a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It really depends on how long I’ll be outside and how much time the cooler will be in the sun. I do have ice packs in there to keep everything cold, but I get a little weary of keeping things in this particular cooler for more than six hours. Things that are normally kept in the fridge, that is.

Snacks: I’ll pack fruit (apples, oranges, grapes), sliced and diced veggies, hummus, Babybel cheese, crackers, almonds, Popchips, WW snack bars and dark chocolate. I don’t pack ALL of that for one day, but that’s generally what I choose from. I always make sure I have some sweet and savoury snacks available to keep me from buying my weakness – KETTLE CORN.

Dinner: I always look for the healthiest option available. Sometimes I’ll grab a Subway sandwich and pack that away for dinner (not my favourite option, but it does in a pinch), other times I’ll have sushi or a vegetarian option. I try to stay away from burgers, fries or anything deep-fried. If I don’t know how to figure out the points for my meal, I go by my WW leader’s rule of thumb – count it as 14 points and move on. That’s been a pretty safe bet for me.

I’m trying to avoid alcohol right now because I find that when I drink I make poor food choices, so you can bet you’ll find me with my 1.5L water bottle in hand at all times.

I’m slowly proving to myself that I can continue to live my hectic, fun, sometimes transient, lifestyle and not sacrifice my health. I’m thankful I have the time and resources to stay on track even when I’m on the road.

How do you stay healthy when traveling?

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  1. I love this post. I'll be away from home for 2 weeks because it's school break and we plan to spend the whole school break at my parents' house. This is my concern. I find it hard to be in control when I'm not at home or when I'm travelling. I try to follows your guide. Glad you can help.