Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At a Loss About My Gain

Pretty Strong Medicine

Yesterday's post was full of optimism, and today I'm just feeling.... ugh.

Previous Weight: 175.6 
Current Weight: 176.4
Change: +0.6
Total Loss: 51.6

This is the second time I've gained in 3 weeks. Yes, they're small gains, but gains nonetheless. 

I really am at a loss for what I'm doing wrong. I'm doing things exactly the same way I have been to lose the last 51lbs, perhaps even better. I'm tracking (honestly!) daily, eating all of my points daily, eating all of my weeklies (and a handful of the 83 APs I earned last week), working out 5 times a week, drinking at least 64oz of water a day, getting 7 hours of sleep at night. What the heck, body?!

I'm still only doing strength training 2-3x a week, so I have a hard time writing this off as a muscle gain. I ran over 21 miles last week for pete's sake! That's a lotta burned calories!

My only possible guess is that I'm not eating enough, now that my weekly mileage is increasing. I've been simultaneously tracking my intake on MFP, and—with the exception of Saturday which was my long-run day and then I drank that night— my average daily intake is around 1300 calories. According to this BMR equation, my daily intake should be closer to 1,900/day, based on my activity level of 3-5 workouts a week.

Thing is, I'm scared to eat more. For me, there's a very fine line between "eating a little more" and completely justifying every extra snack I crave because I suddenly feel like I need the calories. Also, to be completely honest, aside from once or twice in the past week, I've felt pretty content with the calories that I ate. And those two times that I was hungry, I just ate an apple with some cookie butter and then I was fine.

I'm hesitant to make any changes right now, because I'm going on a 9-day vacation at the end of next week, and I'll be out of the country so I know I won't be tracking. But even if I was looking conservatively at the highest "healthy" weight for my height, I still have 21lbs to go!


Fellow Weight Watchers and calorie counters-- how have you adjusted when you stopped losing? 


  1. I don't use WW, although now after reading your whole blog, I'm wondering if I should try it again. BUT my 2 runner friends have said and I've read a lot on different blogs that when you are running as much as you are, they needed to eat more to keep losing weight. They had a whole list of reasons why, that I don't remember but I can ask again. I'm not to that point yet, at all, hah, so I wasn't playing as close attention as I should have been. However, from your point of view, I'd be totally freaked out about adding more. So I guess this isn't a very helpful comment after all? Hahah, I'd listen to your body and I wouldn't make any big changes until after your vacation. Vacations always screw everyone up anyway!

  2. I was doing the same exact thing. I added in an extra snack of about 100-150 calories every day for a week and was down three pounds. Maybe you aren't eating enough. I know as I have increased my exercise and decreased my weight it seems to have changed how much my body wants. It is really really weird!!

  3. Yeah, I'd suggest eating more, too.

    I've never got to the point where I've needed to worry about that, but sure have heard a lot of people in my WW meetings talking about eating MORE food. I think Sonya's suggestion above is good. It's not a huge increase in calories, but enough to stoke to fire a bit. Maybe you should talk to your WW leader?

    You're doing so well! Don't beat yourself up. Your body probably just needs a bit more fuel. You'll see the results you want soon enough.

  4. Definitely try eating more. When you are burning so many calories, your body is going to hold on to every little bit it can. You will need to eat more so your body doesn't think it's in "starvation mode." I agree, it is a scary place to go though!

    Maybe even try upping your water intake. I tend to retain more water when I'm working out more than normal. Maybe that's the cause of the .6 lb gain, too.

    Regardless, you rock and don't discouraged! It will start dropping again soon enough. The last 20 lbs are always hardest to lose, I think.

  5. Gonna echo everyone else - try eating more! You don't have to add tons of calories but add a healthy snack in there somewhere. You are training your body hard and you need more calories to keep fueling your workouts! Hopefully that helps. You are so inspiring so don't let this get you down!

    Have fun on your vacation!

  6. I'm actually struggling with this myself, which is why I decided to start a blog in hopes that it will give me more accountability. I feel like I'm doing things right but at the same time, only losing .2, .4 or having weird gains. It's frustrating and makes me feel very "off track" which is funny considering I'm tracking every bite I take. I know I have heard in the meetings that you may want to change up what you are eating or when, or shuffle your points around (bigger breakfasts and lunches, smaller dinners). I'm currently giving up fruit after 2 pm and watching my carbs in the evening. I'm really hoping this change with reflect on the scale at my weigh in Friday! I need to hit the 50 lb mark, darn it! Good luck this next week, maybe even something small will show a big loss! Enjoy your vacation! I'm sure it will be nice not to's become such a habit for me as I'm sure it has for you, I bet it'll be weird at first!

    1. This is the one time I REALLY wish I went to meetings-- but that sounds like great advice. Sending you happy thoughts that you hit the 50lb milestone-- good luck this week!!

  7. It's such a struggle to figure out the perfect amount to eat while trying to lose weight! I definitely agree that you should try eating a good snack, maybe a combo of good fat and protein. Don't let it derail you, because you are kicking butt girl!!! Now I'm thinking I need to join WW again...

    1. I seriously sing the praises of WW to everyone! I know it's not the right method for everyone, but it's so easy to follow!!

      I think I'm going to try to add in an extra snack-- especially on my longer workout days. Fingers crossed it kickstarts my body into losing again!

  8. From what I've read runners do need to eat more.

    Are you also tracking your measurements? Perhaps even though there's a gain on the scale you're actually losing inches.

    1. I am! I actually just re-did all my measurements today (last time was May 1). Since then I've lost an inch on my hips, 1.5 on arms, 2 on waist, and 1.75 on thighs. Of course my bust has not budged (ugh!), but it was helpful to see progress everywhere else!

  9. I'm not a runner really and I have never gotten to the point that I've stopped losing so you can take my thoughts for what they're worth. The more you work out the more you need to eat to fuel your body for those work outs. When you're not eating enough your body holds on to weight you want to lose. I can certainly imagine how eating MORE seems like a completely backwards way to go about losing weight but from what I've read it works. The other thing to remember is it takes time for your body to adjust to changes. You can't change something for a week, see a gain and say it's not working. It takes weeks for your body to adjust to an increase in calories, to realize it's okay to shed some of those extra pounds because you're going to keep fueling it for the work you're making it do. Good luck with everything! I look forward to seeing what you decide to do after vacation.