Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

I don't generally participate in #TransformationTuesday. Because my Instagram account is public among my friends and family, as well as the weight loss blogging community, I'm a little more conservative about what I post there. Obviously my close friends and family are well aware of my weight loss journey, but it's a strange thing to have a public weight loss blog that I have not told friends or family about.

Today I posted this #transformationtuesday picture on Facebook and Instagram: 

Holy s#*^balls. Over 200 likes and 40 comments?!?!

To say I'm humbled by the support and feedback would be an understatement. I read through all of the positive encouragement and almost cried. More than once. Whether from family, high school classmates, coworkers from years ago, sorority sisters, study abroad friends, old friends or new friends; it meant everything to me to see how supported I am on this journey. 

Despite the hijinks of last week's layoff, I'm am so incredibly lucky-- a fact that I become more aware of every day. I have the absolutely best family and friends a girl could ask for, and I don't think I show them that nearly enough. I live in the city I dreamed of living in all throughout high school and college. I have a great apartment (... well, the closet could be bigger ;) ), great roommate, and I'm healthier than I've been in years. Or maybe ever.

I may still have a ways to go to becoming the best me I can be, but I'm getting pretty damn close. And I couldn't have done it alone.

And that is absolutely 1000% worthy of a #transformationtuesday.

What inspires your transformation?

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